jack the ripper 360

News: Look at this nifty 360° trailer for the Jack The Ripper DLC for Assassins Creed Syndicate.

OI govenah. Oi herd you loike degrees so Oiv’e put 360 of ’em in this ‘ere trailer I did. Check out the cool trailer that you can enjoy in 360°. Seriously I love how thick Assassins Creed games like to lay on their accents. So this trailer for the Jack The Ripper DLC is pretty cool. What I like the most is the low quality of the trailer. I know its new tech and it won’t be perfect from the get-go but this was how most trailers looked like before 2006. Now you can make it look way better by increasing the quality but it doesn’t run that well on my pc. As far as the premise goes…Meh. Jack The Ripper has been done to death and most of them are done pretty poorly. So let’s see if Syndicate can do better. Now you would have my attention if you had to fight Queen Elizabeth and her Corgi army. Now that’s a game I’d play.

Here is the trailer:

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