News: Tekken 7 get an updated version named Fated Retribution. Guest staring Akuma?!


So yeah this is NOT Tekken X Street Fighter. But it features Akuma…Weird.

So he looks amazing and this pretty much confirms that X Street Fighter is not dead. But I’m starting to think 7 is X Street Fighter. I know it sounds crazy but why put in a guest character like that and feature him in another game that’s the same idea? It’s a pretty dumb idea but Akuma in Tekken is juts so weird. What I really like is that he’s an actual main part of the story. It basically boils down to “Hey these two dudes are too strong to beat so we need a guy from another game to be our hero.” It would be like playing MKX’s story and at the end just when the good guys are going to die by Shinok’s hands the predator jumps in kills Shinnok and is now known as the savior of Earthrealm. Or if for instance in Brawl all characters die only for someone like Sonic to save the day. Oh wait… that actually happened. As for how he plays he seems pretty much exactly like he plays in Street Fighter which is nuts to me. Like it or hate it Akuma is the most important character in this game. Not only because of the glimpse we get for X Street Fighter but if he works well and plays well we could see Tekken change dramatically which is what most people want. I’m really curious and confused.

Check out the cool new trailer here:

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