Review: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake investigations

When a cartoon show or a movie gets a licensed game we used to raise our eyebrows because we knew it was bound to be bad. But with games like Mad Max and the popular South Park game even getting a sequel, a new faith is restored to those licensed games! But where does Adventure Time fit in ?


Adventure Time is a synonym for random yet funny, really look it up

Adventure awaits, and with any good adventure you start from your tree house. It’s fun to see the fully detailed tree house and explore the cartoon scenery you grew to love throughout the show. There’s a lot to see and you’ll always stumble across something you saw in the series. A certain item reminding you of a specific episode. Finn and Jake react in different ways to the props in the tree house and of course they do just that in the humorous and random tone we enjoyed in the shows. The story appeal of the missions feels very ‘Adventure Time’ and that tiny little adult tone you enjoyed in the shows is in here as well, if you listen at the right times!


You’ll want to eat PB’s hair

Visually the game is in 3D with this ‘plastic’ overall feel. You know like smooth play dough. It’s a bit weird since you’re used to a different style in the shows but you get used to it and it works eventually with its vibrant colors. A prime example is Princess Bubblegum’s hair that is really made of pink sugary chewing gum strips. It’s probably how the visual creators originally intended her hair to be and in this 3D world they could just do exactly that. It works once you’re used to seeing the different textures on skin, cloth and on your surroundings.


The quest for epic loot and silly conversation


It’s not bad, but it could’ve been better; there is great potential 

The game is ‘mission’ based and offers worlds to explore fans will remember from the show. You will be looking at everything you know from the series since it’s changed into this 3D look now! You’ll be talking to a lot of people even if they don’t necessarily want to talk to you.
What you’ll be doing most of the time is examining objects and listening to the heroes’ thoughts on them. Which is funny since they have 2 to 3 different phrases for every object/scenario etc. There are different options for any object. You can use them, get a description or sometimes take them with you in your inventory.
At the right time you can use that object or try to combine it with another object from your inventory to create a new item that could help you progress through the story. While finding objects and combining them isn’t too hard to figure out, I did get myself stuck when I had no clue how to use an item to make a dwarf shut up… I spent 3 hours stuck in that part of the game because the interaction menu didn’t come up at the right angle. This is something that could’ve been smoothed out. Now of course the combination of items and using them at the right moment is topped with Adventure Time humor!


The combat is too shallow? 

Once in a while you will be triggered into combat mode; your view changes to a zoomed out side/top view where you take control of both heroes in a simple combat system. The better you fight the more loot you are rewarded with. After a couple of beatings you can fuse both heroes, transform into other battle forms or multi attack with your sword triggering that awesome sword sound we all know! The battles are not hard at all but since this is basically a kids’ game for them it certainly is rewarding.
The tree house acts a hub for your missions and you can look at all the awesome loot you’ve collected through battle. While this is at its base a point and click game… If you really want to implement a combat system, make it worth something. With a bit of tweaking this could really become a fun part of the game.



While this isn’t the most deep experience you’ll find on the market the game is very enjoyable through solid voice acting and humor. I mean there are more than a couple phrases for every action or object you examine and all of them have been fully voiced. It’s something really enjoyable as an Adventure Time fan! While there are other and better cartoon based games, this one is still very enjoyable especially for fans of the series. I’m sure they are heading the right way with this kind of game but a next instalment could benefit from some smoothening on the overall experience and a more challenging combat system.


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