Review: Deadpool (Remaster)

Two years ago, Deadpool finally got his own game and it resulted in one of the funniest games released that generation. Activision thought it was time to bring back our favorite anti-hero with a remastered version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Remaster isn’t ambitious at all but the game stayed strong two years after release.


A poor remaster

First thing first, if you already own or played the game before, there’s really no reason to get this Remaster. It’s a straight port with no upgraded graphics, no extra missions, no extra gear and no extra jokes. Sure you get the DLC of the original but that’s nothing special to be honest. If you’re not desperately trying to fill the void of the Deadpool movie, that is releasing next year, there really isn’t any reason why you should revisit the game. New to the game? This might be a game you want to check out!


Although the remaster isn’t ambitious and can’t even be called a remaster, the game runs very fluently on the current generation. We didn’t encounter any bugs, glitches or graphical issues during our sessions with the game. The game aged very well, even if it’s not running on the infamous 60 frames-per-second. Deadpool isn’t about the looks, it’s about the humor and gameplay. One thing’s for sure, this game aged incredibly well and is still enjoyable after these years!

Great gameplay

Deadpool does offer a lot of fun when it comes to gameplay. At its core, it’s an action hack & slash game like the Devil May Cry franchise. This means Deadpool can use both his swords and guns to take down the enemies using sick combos. The system is fast and does exactly what you want it to do. Combining heavy and light attacks in sick combos works like a charm, swapping to your guns happens in a blink of an eye. There are a lot of upgrades to collect, all for the benefit of improving your skills. When it comes to combat, this Deadpool aged very well. The combat is fast thanks to the teleporting power of our hero. The teleporting is used as a dodge mechanism but actually makes combat more fun and fluent than ever before.

Besides combat, the game also features some small platform sections that are easy to conquer. Unlike other hack & slash games, the platforming never feels forced and works rather well. Deadpool always goes where you intended him to go. The best part of the gameplay is the parody however.


The face of awesome


Deadpool is creating his own game and isn’t afraid to talk dirty about some genres. This also means the game can change to a first-person shooter, 2D side-scroller and top-down game in seconds. These are the best parts of the game and will put a smile on your face without a doubt. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and dares to question modern gaming genres in a playful but fun way. You never know what to expect from Deadpool and that’s the charm of the product.

Breaking the fourth wall 

Fans of the Deadpool comics know that the character isn’t afraid of breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool is constantly communicating with the players, using his typical meta-humor. He’s constantly commenting on everything in the game. He doesn’t want to read for example so the gamers just need to push buttons during the tutorial and see what happens.

This meta-humor is great but what really makes the game so funny is the slapstick humor of our character. Scratching your private parts will earn you an achievement for example. Aside of this, Deadpool tends to shoot himself when the narrative is becoming boring or he just messes around with the enemies in a way only he can.


It’s a very unique game that breaks the fourth wall between the player and its character multiple times. Thanks to this, you’ll feel a true connecting with Deadpool in just minutes. Deadpool was by far one of the funniest games that released two years ago and it’s great to have such a light, humorous game on our current generation consoles for sure!

Too short 

The biggest problem with the game isn’t the lazy port, it’s the lack of content. Depending on the level of difficulty, you’ll finish the campaign in five to seven hours. After you complete this mode, you’ll still be able to play a survival-esque ‘defeat X waves of enemies’ mode but that’s not really mentionable. Truth is, once you completed the campaign, there isn’t really that much worth checking out. The campaign is funny and plays great but replaying it really isn’t that satisfying at all. It’s a shame the game didn’t last longer or that this version doesn’t include any additional content. Activision is asking the retail price for this product so a little more content would have been great.



If you’ve played the original, don’t bother getting this port. Deadpool doesn’t add new tricks or even a graphical boost on the current generation. If you haven’t played it before and can’t wait to see the movie next year, this is a game you simply need to own. Fans of the anti-hero will enjoy every minute and every joke in the game. If you don’t know the comics but are fan of the hack & slash genre, this game is definitely worth considering. We don’t often get games that break the fourth wall this way. The best part of Deadpool is that you never really know what to get next.


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  1. Marc Hughes December 7, 2015 at 23:02

    7/10 this game is a 4/10 at best and I loved it on PS3….This game is nothing but a broken lazy cash grab……Its ridiculous how any site could give this broken trash anything above a 5….

    The game FREEZES for 2-3 seconds every 1-3 minutes constantly no matter what or where you are in the game. Iron Galaxy put NO effort into the port other than they bumped the resolution up to 1080p….

    Knowing that this is the lazy work of Activision and Iron Galaxy I can guarantee this game was forgotten the minute they dumped this onto PSN/XBL and it will NEVER get patched….I could have forgiven a lazy cash grab had it FUNCTIONED, but it doesn’t the game is broken and Activision wants $50 bucks for something they will NEVER fix…….Anyone who pays $50 bucks for this broken game is an idiot flat out

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