Review: Disney Infinity 3.0 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

To conclude a successful year of Disney Infinity 3.0 and a record-breaking release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens in theatres, Disney decided to release ‘The Force Awakens’ playset just before the end of this year. The playset is destined for success for sure, since it’s the closest thing to a tie-in game with the most popular movie of the moment. Sadly, this doesn’t always guarantee quality.

Meet the cast (light spoilers)

If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t won’t to be spoiled, it might be wise to skip this review and the playset until you’ve seen the movie. If you have seen it or don’t mind the spoilers, feel free to continue reading of course.

The playset introduces two playable characters from the movie, Finn and Rey. The cute droid BB-8 also plays a major role in the story but didn’t come in a figurine, a shame really. You follow both characters as they start their adventures on Jakku. Later on, you’ll lead the two to epic movie scenes featuring other familiar characters as Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron. It’s interesting to note that Kylo Ren is way more aggressive and badass in the game than he was in the movie. But do note that due to the fact that Disney Infinity 3.0 still is a child friendly game, some brutal scenes of the movie didn’t make it into the game.


When it comes to new figurines, you’ll be able to get Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron as Disney Infinity toys; Finn and Rey came boxed with the playset of course. Like we’re used of, the figurines look incredibly detailed. The skin colors, facial expressions, lightsabers… Everything looks exactly as it should. We do hope that these figurines will get that shiny lightsaber Light FX edition later on but nothing confirmed yet. That being said, it’s a true pleasure to use such great figurines in a game and collectors will be pleased with the quality of the product without a doubt. Even if you don’t play Disney Infinity, you might want to own the figurines if you’re a Star Wars fan!

A classic Disney Infinity game

If you played a Disney Infinity game before, you’ll know what to expect. The gameplay itself is very linear, enabling children to fully enjoy the experience. The game can be split into two major gameplay elements; puzzles and combat. The puzzles are done incredibly well this time and even force you to think outside of the box. You’ll need to fix broken paths, use small droids to activate switches and a lot more. The puzzles are a lot of fun to solve and offer enough variation to keep you entertained until the final mission of the game.


Relive the movie of the year


Combat on the other hand is a bit mediocre. We know that Ninja Theory had a hand in the combat gameplay and it must be said that it does what it’s supposed to do. The characters use two kind of weapon, a primary being a lightsaber or blaster and a secondary being the opposite of the primary. Some characters are better with lightsabers, think Kylo Ren, while others are better with their blasters, Poe Dameron for example. The combat feels good and combining attacks is easy and fun at the same time. Like other Ninja Theory games, you have light, heavy and jump attacks to keep things interesting while battling waves of enemies. Things get even better with the addition of a small skill tree for each character, enabling new and more powerful attacks the higher your level.


So the combat really works but it rarely offers something unique. You’ll just need to defeat enemy after enemy until the wave ends. During more action-packed scenes we didn’t bother fighting them but during more ‘open world mission’, we got tired of fighting them over and over again. The battle lacks the same kind of magic the puzzles have.

The old movie licensed formula

Unlike the ‘Rise Against the Empire’ and ‘Twilight of the Republic’ playsets, this one isn’t based on several movies but just one, being Episode VII. This also means the developers had less freedom and movie scenes to go with, resulting in a rather old school movie licensed game. Almost every important scene of the movie is remade for the game. It might be a small playable space escape or a collection of ‘collect this item to unlock that path’ missions. Almost every scene is in here; meaning fans of the movie will certainly enjoy their time with this playset.

The story is done rather nicely but makes some strange jumps now and then. You can even unlock other figurines like Yoda or Obi Wan as playable figurines. Sure, it doesn’t make sense and it must cause some troubles in the timeline for sure but that’s not the point. The game is meant to be fun in the first place so don’t be surprised if you see some strange things going on or if you miss some of the scenes that were in the movie.


This also means the game plays rather linear and doesn’t offer much side-quests or things to do. You’ll enjoy playing it for sure but it’s not the type of game you’ll replay just for fun. Everything you want to collect can easily be collected in one run if you pay some attention to it. If you haven’t touched a Star Wars playset before, we recommended starting with the ‘Rise Against the Empire’ set before touching this one. It’s not a bad set for sure but it lacks some more content, which of course is very hard to achieve if you base the entire set on one movie.

That being said, a lot of attention did go to this playset. It’s incredible to see how the developers managed to put in the environments and soundtrack. Most of the original cast voiced their character and the ones who aren’t originally voiced are voiced with respect. Everything about the product breaths ‘Star Wars’ and we’re sure a lot of gamers weren’t expecting this quality of a Disney Infinity playset.


No big triple A game for ‘The Force Awakens’ but a Disney Infinity 3.0 playset instead. Don’t be mistaken however, this is a product made with a lot of love for the Star Wars universe and the new episode. It offers most memorable scenes of the movie and throws in some classic Disney humor. The gameplay itself isn’t that innovating and is rather repetitive however, meaning you’ll probably play the set just one time. If you like Star Wars and can’t get enough of The Force Awakens however, this is a must-have, there’s no shame in collecting the great figurines while getting the playset.


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