SPECIAL – Let’s mod Fallout 4 – WEEK IV

A new look for the favorite in-game computer , new ways to build your settlements while listing to more songs, and lots more. This weeks edition is a celebration edition (end of the year, first month of this guide, take your pick). Let’s do some modding!

Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy (Pip-Boy) UHD 4K: Sweet mother of detail for the PipBoy. I mean, after you have installed this mod, because that what is does. It gives the PipBoy some amazing details. When you pick a size, make sure your computer can handle it. One single mod that increases a single texture won’t have a huge impact, but 10 mods that increase a lot of textures might cause a bigger hit.

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager

no dotdotdot: While we are upgrading the PipBoy, lets also remove a reading limitation. In Fallout 4, if a name is to long, it gets dotted. With this mod, you get to see the full name.

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager. Also download the Value per Weight compatibility mod, if you are using the Value per Weight indicator mod

Better Item Sorting: In Fallout 4 you will collect a lot more stuff than you did in the previous games. Any kind of sorting will surely be a help. That is why I recommend this mod, because it does an amazing job giving you information on a simple and easy way.

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager. Be sure to use the .strings version so that this mod is compatible with Full Dialogue Interface

Classical Radio Freedom – Radio Freedom Alternative: I like to build with the classical radio on. And now I get some of the most beautiful classics pieces ever made! Moments like this make my day, so big thanks to the modcreator!

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager

Elvani’s Track Pack for Diamond City Radio: Not everyone loves classic music, and while I’m questing, I prefer Diamond City Radio. I have already recommended the ‘More Where That Came From‘ mod, the ‘Elvani’s Track Pack for Diamond City Radio’ adds another 36 songs to the game. Now you have a wooping total 189 songs :). 

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager

D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls: I was surprised when I met my first ghoul. They were a bit more human than I remembered. Oke, they look like they are melted, but I found the ghouls from Fallout 3 much more scarier. Thankfully with this mod, I now fear going out in the middle of the night, because the ghouls now look like the zombies that they are ment to be. Scary, way to close and always in high numbers.

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager

WET – Water Enhancement Textures: Water has a much more dominant role in Fallout 4 thanks to the Boston area.  But the water doesn’t look that amazing, especially the splashing effect. This mod makes it so much more realistic

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager. Do not use the rain option, since I don’t know it this option is compatible with True Storms – Wasteland Edition

Precise object moving and rotating: This mod is a must have for those who love to build in Fallout 4. It allows you to move and rotate object by using the numpad keys. You gain a lot more controle when building your settlement, even a lot more freedom, because you can place items inside other items if you so desire. To get this mod to work, you need a 3th party program called AutoHotkey

Installation: Download and install AutoHotkey. After that, download the file FreeMove (version 0.1) and double click it. It now works ingame.

Here are the ingame commands:

Open console (~ button), select object to move left licking on it. Than just pres and hold desired hotkey. Don’t close the console 😉
It have two modes. Smooth (NumLock on), which moves and rotates by 1 unit. And normal (NumLock off), moves and rotates by 5 units.

NumLock OFF – normal mode NumLock ON – smooth mode
Num4 and Num6 – moves object by “x” axis Num9 and Num3 – rotates object around “y” axis
Num8 and Num2 – moves object by “y” axis Num 7 and Num1 – rotates object around “x” axis
Num”+” and Num”-” – moves abject by “z” axis Num/ and Num* – rotates object around “z” axis

OCDecorator: Now that you can place wherever you want without any difficulty, it’s time to add a lot more stuff to be placed! Thanks to OCDecorator, you can now place items without fearing they will be knocked over. As mcface says it himself: “This mod “Converts” inventory items (Food, “Junk Items,” Ammo, etc) into decorative static objects” meaning that the objects cannot be knocked over, but they can be moved around, stored into your workshop and scrapped and it will return the item to your workshop!

Installation: Download and install with Nexus Mod Manager. If you use Functional Weapon Racks, reinstall that mod with NMM and enable the patch for OCDecorator

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