Special: Super Smash Bros. December Direct – Final Predictions

Like many of you will already know, Nintendo will host a new Nintendo Direct show this month. The Direct will focus on Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS for the last time.

Since it’s the last Smash Direct we’ll see, we’re sure a lot of great stuff will be revealed. In this special article we share our predictions.


Alternate skins and colors:

Well this one’s simple. throughout Nintendo’s history, many of their heroes have donned different costumes. And while Smash 4 started showing some costumes, there still is a wide wardrobe to choose from. I only hope that all character get at least one new costume. Imagine playing smash 8-player with Zelda in her Hyrule Warriors design, Wii Fit Trainer’s Wii Fit U designs, Mario in his Mario Maker costume, Meta Knight’s unused butterfly design, one of several different Link designs, Ike’s old Brawl(Path of Radiance) design, one of Pikachu’s cosplay costumes, or Fusion Suit Samus. It would make the game look fresh and I love stuff like that. If you want to know how such a game would look like, you need not look further than Project M. They do a great job on showing what you could do. Even if some are a bit out there.

Imagine how Smash 4 could look if it got costumes like this.

Bring back Break The Targets:

Now I still prefer Brawl over 4 just because it had so much content. And while Brawl probably plays the worst of all the Smash games(and it still plays pretty good), if had to choose between N64, Melee, Brawl or 4 to take with me on a deserted island doomed to play one game for all eternity. I’d take Brawl just because of the content. I like 4 but was disappointed with the lack of modes. One of the coolest modes in Smash was Break The Targets. The N64 and Melee versions in specific were great because they tested the player if they really mastered the character. Instead of what basically is the Car or Barrel bonus stage of Smash, we got this half-assed Angry Birds-like game that didn’t worked to well and just wasn’t fun. So it’d be great to see that again. Or you know…. a decent working offline Tournament Mode.

A true test of skill and incredibly fun too.

The return of the Subspace Emissary:

Okay so this one is obviously more hopes than a prediction but I really liked Brawls Story Mode. It was fun to play but seriously imagine the cool scenes that could happen. Remember the whole fight between Sheik and Fox, or the charming scenes between Diddy Kong and the Star Fox crew? Well what about that sick scene where Link(or pit) shot down the crane thing like a badd-ass. Oh and then there’s that scene where Snake tells Peach and Zelda to stay put while they both check out his ass. Now think of the Meta Knight Vs Marth scene but instead with Roy and Cloud. Pac-man and Game And Watch just chilling or just how Little Mac gets involved into this mess. It won’t happen but if it did it would be the coolest thing ever.

brawlJust remember how rad this was.

My two personal character picks:

As soon as the voting ballot was opened I voted on the two characters that came to my mind first. And I’m glad I’m not the only one. First off is the leader of the bunch and he’s wonstoppable, He’s Wonder Red. The wonderful 101 was an amazing game and it seems a lot of people don’t disagree. Wonder Red is a perfect fit for Smash 4. The other character is one I wanted since Brawl and is also one of the top leading choices when it comes to characters that make sense. It’s Isaac from Dead Space Golden Sun. It’s a cool character but I’m kinda scared he won’t have a chance since Smash’s already filled with Anime so…. Well I can only hope Isaac gets a shot. Honorable mentions go to Dixie Kong, the Advanced Wars CO’s and hmm… let’s go with King K.Rool.

It’s been a long time coming.

Nintendo’s character reveals put several in a coma.

So at the end of the cloud reveal there was something interesting. When you see all the company right credits you hear a plink sound and Square Enix is added to the bunch. To me it seems like Nintendo is making a statement with this. It’s like”Yeah look at all these cool dudes we got backin us.” “Capcom’s over there chillin with Sega. And Namco’s doing its thing over there” “But oh wait, what’s that? Yeah, Square joins the party!

It feels like during the whole Direct that list will just grow. Here is what I imagine Nintendo’s going to be like during the Direct. “So we got Nintendo characters, third party characters and even a character that’s heavily associated with the PlayStation”.

“Oh but you think we can’t take this further? “Well here’s Banjo, a Microsoft owned IP!”

So at this point several people are losing it and passing out when the screen fades and you just hear this very specific laugh. It’s short but you know what it is. No mistake about it. You heard this same laugh several times before but just can’t believe you’re hearing it here. The screen shows Mario: the biggest video game character in the world, the Disney of video games right next to a character with round Yellow Shoes, red pants with two white dots and big round ears. And then you hear Nintendo say “Yeah not only are first party competitors in our game, but…SO IS THE WORLDS BIGGEST CARTOON CHARACTER”. Bam Mickey Mouse “HAHAA’s” himself into smash. Now obviously I’m just goofing around but since Cloud is in Smash all bets are off. And to be honest it would be cool to see those two giant together in one way or another. The Mickey Mouse of gaming and the uhhh… Mickey Mouse of cartoons in one place would be nuts.

mickeyProbably the most legendary meeting in the history of both mediums.


Amiibo reveal

A new Smash Direct also means new Amiibo figurines. Of course we’ve already seen the prototypes of both the Ryu, Isaac and Roy figurines. I’m pretty sure we’ll get release dates and solid designs for those DLC characters. Perhaps we’ll even see how a Cloud Amiibo looks like? It’s crazy that an Amiibo like that is actually happening but I’m already hyped to get him in my collection.

The most interesting Amiibo however is Shovel Knight. Remember that it was revealed with a golden base first but it changed to a purple one closer to release. Everybody believes Shovel Knight will have a purple, custom Shovel Knight base, but I’m not convinced just yet. This Direct is happing in December, the Shovel Knight Amiibo was delayed from a November to December release. Could be a coincidence for sure but I’m still hoping on Shovel Kight in Smash and a delayed Amiibo is reason to get me excited!


A golden base and delayed Amiibo….

My two personal character picks:

This brings me to the second prediction, the two characters I want to see in the game and that actually stand a chance of appearing in the fighter.. Shovel Knight is becoming the Super Mario of the Indie scene and it’s no secret Nintendo always supported the Indie developers. Including Shovel Knight in Smash would make sense on so many levels and fans of the game want the Knight in Smash without a doubt. Not sure if Sakurai is considering it, Shovel Knight isn’t that huge in Japan, but it would be great if it happend.

My second character I would like to see is Waluigi. Sure, Waluigi already has an Assist Trophy but I would go crazy if Sakurai decided to create a proper Waluigi with unique attacks. It’s the only member of the Mario family that isn’t playable yet and that doesn’t feel right. Mario has Wario as nemesis but Luigi has nobody. Bring Waluigi home and make sure that cheating pays off while playing with him.

Characters that won’t happen but would break the internet

As Yordi already mention, after the reveal of Cloud, everybody is open for an inclusion in Smash. That even means Ridley could finally enter the battlefields. Sure, he’s too big and it will never happen but who thought Sony mascot Cloud would ever join the battle? Ridley deserves a spot in Smash and this is the perfect time to include him!

rhzpojb8vpl2pu8tirhbNothing’s too big for Smash

Next up, Ice Climbers. Those were left out of Smash because the 3DS version couldn’t handle it. But with the New Nintendo 3DS, Sakurai finally got that extra power to bring back the retro characters. This Smash is filled with returning characters so Ice Climbers need their proper return as well. Now that we’re talking about it. Maybe Sakurai will bring back every character still missing on the roster. Let’s bring back Snake, Wolf and the wonderful Pichu in a Veteran DLC pack. Will it hapen? Most likely not but it would break the internet for sure!

The third and last character that should be included but won’t make it, is Banjo and Kazooie. Microsft own the rights of the popular bear and bird duo but they have a rich Nintendo history. It would make a lot of sense for Nintendo players but a nightmare for IP protection. But Cloud made it as well, right?!

Mii Costumes

Since a lot of these characters won’t make it to the game, I see a lot of new Mii costumes releasing after the Direct. To please fans, I’m sure we’ll see new Mii Costumes of popular Ballot characters that didn’t make it. Wonder Red, Dixie Kong, Wolf, Ice Climbers, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of new costumes after the show. It’s hard to predict what we’ll see but how great would it be to have Veteran costumes, Third Party costumes and ‘Characters that are too big for Smash’ costumes? I’m wondering what we’ll see!


What costume will be next?

Stage predictions

I’m sure we’ll see some more new stages during the show, I’m really curious to see more of the Final Fantasy stage and I’m hoping on more Star Fox, Zelda and Xenoblade stages. The one I absolutely need is a remade version of Poké Floats including new popular Pokémon. That stage was insane, a new version is really needed:

maxresdefault (1)

You wonderful and crazy stage, please return!

Thank you for reading!