Review: Dragonball Fusions (3DS)

Ever wondered how a fusion between Radditz and Nappa would look like? In Dragonball Fusions all your fusion fantasies come true!

Ok so first things first, this story is NOT cannon. The full game is set in an hypothetical environment where all strong fighters are summoned to one place (yes even the dead ones). And altough it’s not cannon it’s still a  Dragonball game for the die-hard fans, because you will apriciate the story more if you know some of the backstory.

Flashback to Xenoverse?

There aren’t alot of dragonball games where you can customize your own character but Dragonball Fusions is one of these. When you start off the game you can choose one of the 5 races, all of which have their own specifications. Saiyans are slow (turnbased) but have way more powerfull moves than other races. Earthlings are fast and have decent combat damage but rather low Ki damage. And so we have a mix-match of all the races.

db fusions

After you have chosen your race you can customize them further with things such as: outfit, skintone, hairstyle, etc…

Shenron I call upon thee, fufill my wish for I have collected all 7 dragonballs!

The story starts when 2 rivals named Pinich and Tekka(you) make a wish for a tournament so big and across all of space and time to find out who is the strongest of them all! The wish has been granted and the strongest fighters are summoned to a place which is specially made for this occasion. And after a brief tutorial you get your first pokemon teammates! Trunks and goten will help you achieve your goal to defeat your rival and become the strongest of them all!

Trunks and Goten fighting Nappa and Radditz
Trunks and Goten fighting Nappa and Radditz


Are you ready? Because I wasn’t when I saw Nappa and Radditz do the fusion dance. Ok I know the game is called Dragonball fusions but actually seeing weird fusions just cracked me up! early in the game you need to defeat Natz (Nappa & Radditz). But later in the game fusions like Piccolo and Krillin, Goku and Gohan and many more will happen. Sometimes it gets a little absurd when the enemy fusions up to 5 people in 1 body.

Some fusions in the game, can you name them all?
Some fusions in the game, can you name them all?


Oh boy this was a fun one, I’m going to be bold and say the gameplay and story looked a bit like pokemon sometimes. You get a “Starter”, gather more teammembers, run into unexpected battles and fusion (evolve) the ones you have already. But thats so perfect about it, they took the attractive general RPG-style features and combined it with very funny and challenging battles. I have to admit that the head-to-body ratio was annoying sometimes but thats easily overlooked when you see a Natz get punched in the face. If you’re a Dragonball fan or even a general RPG fan, you will love this game!