Review: Bye-Bye Boxboy!

Bye-Bye Boxboy is the third installment of the Boxboy series, a side-scrolling platform puzzling masterpiece!

Having both played the original Boxboy and the sequel Boxboxboy, I was really looking forward to the newest game, a game that did not disappoint! The only disappointment I have so far, is that Japan got a physical release accompanied by a cute little amiibo. I can honestly say that I did import the game for the sole reason of owning it!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 21.30.29

For those unfamiliar with the game, let me introduce you to Qbby, our main hero, a simple boxboy, so to speak. Qbby is a square-shaped character, who can create new boxes that in turn are being used to solve puzzles or clear obstacles.

Boxes are created one at a time and per level limits, the creation is a string of boxes, used to complete patterns, solve puzzles, cross gaps or clear out things blocking your way. Qbby can also jump 1 level of box, using its jump in combination with the string of boxes can be very easy or really challenging!

In the second game, we gained the chance to create a second string of boxes, adding to the difficulty of the game in the later levels. The game, however, has a very nice buildup on how to do things, like using the string as a grappling hook, …

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 21.29.47

In the third game, they added even more delightful ways to go through levels. All of a sudden, you have a baby Qbby, rocket cubes and so much more, adding in on the fun of solving either very simplistic puzzles in the early levels of the game up to very hard levels in the higher levels.

Do not underestimate this game when you initially start playing it. At first, levels are rather easy, often the simplest of solutions are the ones you need, but thankfully, gradually that level of simplicity becomes harder and less obvious. Suddenly you find yourself pondering what to do, how to cross that very long gap with only a small string of boxes at your disposal.

I honestly think the developers of this game designed the perfect buildup but in a sadistic way, let me explain this one. Having played the first 2 games and scoring all the crowns in them, the crown being a sort of trophy to “get” within a preset amount of used boxes, I knew what I was getting myself into. But I keep getting suckered into thinking this game is too easy.

Boy, I couldn’t be more wrong, once you hit the high levels, you have to think hard to finish levels, combining every possible way to pass a level.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 21.30.17

This game, no, the entire series, is just plain amazing, they are the best example as to why graphics do not matter in games. A great game carries itself regardless of the graphics, but graphics don’t make a mediocre game great! Prior to joining Gaming Boulevard as a reviewer, I actually had a guest article, where I made the case for why the Nintendo Switch did not need amazing graphics to “matter”. Today, I still stand by those words, this little gem on the Nintendo 3DS is the principal reason why a great game is great with or without amazing graphics. The main hero is a cube-shaped box and sure, the in-game shop can add some funk to Qbby, but in its core, this is a simplistic graphics game that deserves a try!

And it doesn’t just end there, the shop adds more ways to play, like timed challenges, music collections, outfits like a very cool cape, …

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In conclusion, I loved the 2 sequels and I just adored the third game! Throughout the last few years, I would say this is the best puzzle game on many consoles and  I sincerely hope to be playing the fourth game of this series in the future.

After very long consideration, I decided to give this game a full 100% score, the game is great in its simplicity and is simply great as a puzzler!