Indie Corner: Mr. Shifty

What if Hotline Miami was made by Stan Lee? You get an awesome game called Mr. Shifty!

Today we are reviewing Mr. Shifty. Let us say that this game is Hotline Miami with superpowers. More specifically for the Overwatch players: Tracer’s superpowers. Meaning teleportation (although I know that Tracer’s power actually is time traveling, Mr. Shifty’s powers look like hers)

So this game is brought to you by Tiny Build and Team Shifty. You maybe know Tiny Build from games like Punch Club, The Final Station, Hello Neighbour, Party Hard and Speedrunners. Most of these games I like very much. So for me, Tiny Build has a reputation of fine Indie games, but does it deliver with Mr.Shifty?


Mr. Shifty is a top-down fighting game where, together with your companion Nyx, you are searching for something called “super plutonium”. The name in itself is an indicator already that this is bad.

The loading screen looks like a badass ‘80s movie. The music accompanies it very good. Also, the plot, in my opinion, looks like something straight out series like Magnum. The main character, Mr. Shifty, is actually someone where nothing is told about. We only know he’s a male. But he does not talk, nor do we see his face.

You start the game with a short but good tutorial. You don’t actually need to know many controls. This game is best enjoyed with a controller.


This game is very fast paced and I personally like these kinds of games. You go in, die, try again. The fact that the game can be played so fast also has a disadvantage. Sometimes it is all over the place. Surely when you are a bit of a button masher like me. I just want to make sure that my character reacts. In games like The Witcher that’s fine. When you hit attack 5 times Geralt only reacts to the first because his animation is still going when you push it again for 4 times. But in Mr. Shifty the animations are short, so you have to know what you are doing.

I do like how intuitive everything goes. You don’t need time to learn the basics.

The music is really nice. The main thing about this game is to make you look as badass as possible and it does that great!

You can also use all kinds of weapons. You can use sticks or brooms that are lying around. What I personally don’t like is that you can’t use guns. You even can’t pick them up to throw them. But I think it also would be hard to aim with top-down gameplay.

Because of the top-down gameplay this game actually reminds me a lot of GTA Advance. Also, the animations and how the character runs reminds me a bit of the first GTA games.


Another nice thing is that almost everything is destructible. You can use this to your advantage. For instance, you can punch a door so it hits the person that stands in front of it. Sometimes the stronger enemies (who have a shotgun) can shoot through the walls so they can use it to their advantage as well.

At first, I was a bit skeptical. I thought the game was nice but I didn’t think I would like it. I thought it would be repetitive. This isn’t true. The game is really fun and it’s also a challenge. It is not that easy though easy enough to be very rewarding.  And it surely is a correct price on Steam in my opinion.

Score 4 out of 5:


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