Nintendo Boulevard: Weekly tidbits about Nintendo #4

Hey all, welcome back to our weekly column of Nintendo information!

We would like to congratulate Nintendo before anything else, the Switch has officially become the best selling console of all time for the company!

Last week saw a very great Nintendo Direct with loads of news that we have already covered, in short, a ton of cool titles are coming to the 3DS including some Kirby games and the wacky RPG called Miitopia!


We also got some more news on the Switch front with more Splatoon 2 information, which looks totally awesome and ARMS!

In other news, we had confirmation that Battle Princess Madelyn is being considered for a physical release on Nintendo Switch, a game I would love to add to my shelf of Switch games!

A number of indie developers are getting asked on social media whether or not their future releases will be in Switch, this lead to a confirmed Portal Knights and we hope to see more confirmations!

Puyo Puyo Tetris is now out in 2 weeks and a demo hit the eShop, after being available for a few weeks on the Japanese eshop, Europe and America got their fix now too! Will you be buying this game?

In Japan, Dragonquest X players on Wii would be getting the Switch version for free, I wish we had this game too… The company is expecting the new game DQ XI to actually beat Pokemon in sales figures, that’s quite the expectation they got…

In other positive news, the eShop on Switch had some great releases like Mr Shifty and Wonder Boy! Are you playing any of these?



And to finish our weekly roundup, we end with sad news :(

The Nes mini production has stopped and this appears to be worldwide…

That was all for this week, folks! Hope to see you back for more information next time!