Review: The Disney Afternoon Collection

‘Member Disney Movies? Oh, I ‘member! Disney was a huge part of my youth. I recall watching everything the company released and I liked every minute of it. Disney was on fire during the early-to-late nineties, releasing movie after movie and delivering strong releases on the gaming market. Disney games stood for quality and even to this day, a lot of classic Disney games are considered as true collector’s items. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to play some of the best Disney classics, this Afternoon Collection is what you’ve been waiting for.

Quality tiles

A lot of collections are currently flooding the gaming market, making you wonder why this Disney Afternoon Collection is worth your time. This Collection comes with Ducktales, Ducktales 2, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers 2, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck. Names that will definitely ring a bell if you’re gaming for a couple of years. Those games were considered as one of the best NES platform/puzzle games of that era.


Nowadays, games based on movies aren’t always that good but back in the old days, those games were big business. Capcom worked together with Disney on the games you’ll find in this collection. If you know that Capcom was responsible for some true classics like Mega Man, during the same period, you already understand that the quality in this Collection is very high. We could give you a review of each title separately but that isn’t the purpose of this bundle, so let’s see if it’s worth the price instead.

A lot of classic action

First of all, it’s important to understand what kind of games you’re getting. These aren’t modern shooters or 3D platformers, these are classic 2D side-scrolling games with some puzzles and occasional action. Let’s go over them real quick. Ducktales and Chip n’ Dale are without a doubt the most noticeable titles in this collection. The Ducktales games are considered as true classics in the genre and offer some amazing side-scrolling action. What made them, even more, fun is the travel system that was created to offer more variation. During the NES days, both games were considered as one of the best games created on the system and to this day, they both remain very fun to play.


The Chip n’ Dale titles offer rather traditional puzzle/platform action but both are of a very high quality, so you’ll enjoy spending your time with them without a doubt. Looking for a little more action? TaleSpin is an enjoyable side-scrolling shoot-’em-up offering enough challenges to keep you going. Darkwing Duck, the last game on the Collection offers a lot more action and is one of the better side-scrolling platform games ever created. You’ll enjoy every second of it for sure!

A collection of memories

So what does this collection really offer? Is it worth getting if you already own the original games? Well, aside from some visual options (you can even force the Collection to mimic an old television), the Collection comes packed with some fun features. As you see on the screenshots, you can pause or rewind the game at any time you want. This takes away the charm for some perhaps, but you’re never forced to use them. If you’ve played the games before, you know these games aren’t the easiest on the market. Thanks to the rewind button, you can easily redo your latest action without losing too much time, making it more easy for newcomers to start enjoying the games. Veteran players are never forced to use this option so it really is the best of two worlds.

The Disney Afternoon Collection_20170211015626

If you’re a fan of this era, you’ll certainly enjoy the added gallery menu, showing never before seen artwork and drawings of the games in development. It’s a true goldmine for those who simply can’t get enough of the great Disney visuals combined with Capcom’s gaming vision. Besides that, the Collection also adds the soundtrack to its archives resulting in hours of great tracks to listen to. One thing’s for sure, this Collection aims to please and impress the fans.


The Disney Afternoon Collection offers tons of great gaming moments thanks to the high quality of games. These are some of the best classic games on the market and fans will definitely enjoy every minute of it. The new rewind option makes sure newcomers can enjoy the game without too many troubles while the gallery and soundtrack are meant to satisfy the veteran players. It’s definitely worth every minute of your time for this small price, go check it out!


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