Review: FATED: The Silent Oath (PSVR)

My name is Ulfer, a Viking. I wasn’t very lucky and died before I could save my family and village from the danger that was lurking around. I’ve made some terrible decisions up to that point, I would give up everything to get another shot, even my voice.

Ulfer the Viking

The story of FATED starts off with our new hero Ulfer standing at Death’s doorstep. Unlike what you’ve read online, this place doesn’t look that creepy. It’s a mesmerizing void filled with lifelines and a bright light that transformed into a Valkyrie. She offers you a way to get back to your life to save your family and village from evil. This deal can only be sealed if you’re ready to make a sacrifice. Ulfer doesn’t hesitate for too long and is willing to sacrifice his voice in order to be resurrected.


Once you wake up, you’ll notice a young woman with bright eyes and red hair, she appears to be your wife. Overjoyed with the fact that you came back to life, she starts asking you questions. Questions you can only answer by nodding or shaking your head. She soon learns that you lost your voice and takes you to the village. Misery doesn’t end just yet as you see your village in ruins. Together with the leader, you decide it’s your duty to defend the village and take care of your children. The real adventure is about to start.

And so your journey begins

Since FATED is a story-driven game, I won’t go into a lot of details concerning the story, what I will discuss however is how it will make you feel. At first, I was a little bit scared that this would be another of those VR tech demos that went up for sale but it’s more than that. The world of FATED is crafted with care and the VR interaction really lifts the experience to a new level. The way FATED uses the VR headset is just great. Interacting with a simple head movement sounds so easy it’s a surprise nobody else tried it before. FATED found a way to really immerse the player into the story and making him/her part of it.

The rest of the game is also filled with great VR use. You’ll have to hunt wild animals, drive chariots, discover secrets and solve puzzles, all by simple movements of your head supported with controller input from time to time. The VR works incredibly well and the players will be sucked into the story in no time. It’s good to see that the developers are well aware of the motion sickness VR can cause so they gave the game a slower pacing. No need to look from left to right rapidly. The game always focusses on the action and always gives you enough time to adjust to your new surroundings.


This results in a game where you’ll feel emotionally connected to the characters you meet and you really get the feeling your actions matter. It’s great to have games like this appearing on the PlayStation VR. Alright, it isn’t really a game, it feels more like an interactive movie. But a movie worth watching thanks to the narratives and plot twists.

Created with style

Right from the start, you’ll notice that this is a product of quality. The game looks good and uses a style that can best be compared to a child-friendly World of Warcraft theme. Everything looks bright and vivant and it’s really fun to just gaze at the scenery in VR. The game takes you to dark caves, waterfalls, gorgeous mountains and a lot more. This all just helps to set the tone. The developers created a fun virtual world for you to stay in, too bad the story ends rather fast.

3 (2)

You can easily complete the game in less than two hours, which isn’t a lot. It’s a shame the developers didn’t add more content since the story simply is over too soon. I still feel that there is more to be told and that there’s a lot of lost potential and story lines that could have been worked out even better. Sure, at the end of the ride, you have witnessed an emotional rollercoaster set in a gorgeous world, but all I really want is more. A shame the developers didn’t add more to the game and you’ll just need to accept the fact that the fun won’t last long.


FATED offers a great new experience on PSVR and really delivers something unique. It’s not that much a game, rather an interactive story that will leave you behind thinking about everything that happened. It has great ideas, innovative VR interaction, and gorgeous environments The only major downside about it is that it won’t take that long to finish it. If you own a PSVR, this one is definitely worth giving a try!


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