Review: Lego City Undercover on Nintendo Switch

One of the first new releases on the Nintendo Switch after the original line-up of games! Lego City Undercover is out now on the Nintendo Switch after being on Wii U before.

The Wii U version was famous for being infected with incredibly slow loading times. I never played it because of that reason, despite physically owning the game. So now, I can finally play this game, thanks to the release on the Nintendo Switch.


Having played several Lego games before, this game continues their great tradition of breaking things and solving mini puzzles. Spread over a big number of levels, you follow the storyline all the way to the final boss.

In this game, you are Chase Mc Cain, a cop that needs to go undercover in order to catch the big time criminal called Rex Fury. Rex is causing a big ruckus in the Lego city and it is your duty to track him down and arrest him!


The story itself starts off with you arriving in Lego city as Chase Mc Clain and you are being guided into the story line, like any other Lego game. What sets this game apart is the versatility of choices straight from the bat. You run to your car and then drive across the metropolis called Lego City.


Throughout the story, you will find disguises, extra outfits, … for Chase, making him a miner, a robber, … Often these extra abilities will allow you to gain extra powers, like picking locks, opening doors or smashing big boulders blocking your path.

In general, this game is quite well built, but there are some flaws that I thought should be addressed…


During my first run, my Nintendo Switch crashed, literally forcing me to restart the game and as I was forced outside a building, I could not seem to find a way back in. During my second run, the game itself crashed and I lost about 5 minutes of farming lego bricks…

Needless to say, this was very frustrating, especially considering I had already played through the first level, so my second run ended up short, with me heading straight for the end. During this part, I barely destroyed my surroundings, having too little money in the second run to buy a superbuild I needed to advance the story.


Another disturbing fact about this game, they were supposed to fix the load times, but holy s***, loading times sometimes took way too long, I can’t compare to the Wii U version, but damn, yes, I said damn, they took way too long. It felt like Zelda Breath of the Wild was quicker to load and we all know that game is not the quickest of the bunch…


In conclusion, there are 2 parts to this game, much like any Lego game, this is fun to play and most definitely worthy of your money. The big question is to which extent you want to live with the delays in between gaming sessions… For the game itself, I am rating it an 8 out of 10, but the delays in loading are well worth considering whether you should or should not buy this game!