Review: The Elder Scrolls Legends (iPad)

Skyrim is definitely one of the best video games of the last 10 years. It’s an amazing RPG game where you can literally can get lost in. It takes place in a world filled with magical creatures each with an amazing lore. To this day the game is still relevant and people still play it and I bet that there are definitely a lot of people pretty excited for the Nintendo Switch port that will release later this year. But is making a card game based on the game really the smartest move for developer Bethesda?

The Elder Scrolls Legends is a card game based on the RPG game of the same name released on PC, Android tablets and iPad. It is a pretty simple but addicting card game with a lot of depth featuring all the creatures of the franchise. The objective is pretty straight forward you and the opponent each have 30 health points and you win the game by getting your opponents health to zero.  To get it to zero you have to attack your opponent with creatures.

All creatures have attack points and health points, it’s up to the player to decide either you want to attack the opponent our take out your opponent’s creatures to prevent him from attacking you. To summon the creature you must have him in your hand and pay a summon cost. The summon cost is the amount of mana you have to pay in order to use a card. The mana points are refreshed each turn and start with only one point but 1 is added each turn.


Before you say anything, yeah I know this sound awfully familiar to the successful card game Heartstone and there is no denying to that but there are a few differences that really separates The Elder Scrolls Legends. The biggest difference is that there are two play fields, this means that when you summon a minion you have to choose which side you want to place it. The minion can only fight minions on the lane he is placed. On first sight, this does not feel like a big difference but after a couple of games you realize this has a big impact on the way you play the game and the optimal strategy to win.

The thing I liked the most about this game is the amazing story mode, where you learn the game step by step until you are able to use and understand every mechanic. Besides being a great tool the get the know the game, the story mode really is fun to play and is very story driven with epic cinematics so you sometimes could forget this is a just a card game.


After you finished the story mode you should be ready to test your skills against other opponents but if you want to make a chance you got to invest some time into the deck creature to make the perfect deck to fit your play style and is strong enough to wreck your opponents. The key to the perfect deck is testing things out. You probably won’t get the perfect deck right away but give it a few tries and you will definitely that powerful deck where you can fight for your gaming glory.

Elder Scrolls


To be honest, I did not have high expectation for this game, I thought it was a Hearthstone clone. Which kinda is but it still has some big differences but is still easy to pick up when you have experiences with Hearthstone. if you like Hearthstone or you are a big fan of Skyrim you should definitely give this game a try. It is free so why not give it a try.


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