Indie Corner: Wonder Boy : The Dragon’s trap

Today, I review the new Wonder Boy game, a game from the good ol’ days that got a second chance of success!


This game series originally debuted in arcades in Japan back in 1986, back when I was 9 years old! I was lucky enough to play some of its games in my childhood and now DotEmu and Lizardcube joined hands in order to revive this amazing series!


This is basically a hand-drawn game, all throughout the game, the amazing graphics are what you will keep noticing throughout the game, it really is that beautiful of a game, but it doesn’t end there, there is also a throwback retro mode, you can switch to 8-bit graphics and get that old feeling while playing! While I personally preferred the modern style, the retro graphics are quite cool and do deserve the proper respect. When you play it yourself, do not forget to also switch the game to classic audio for that real throwback feeling.


Now talking about the game itself, this is all classic side scrolling RPG style. Finding shops to buy new and better weapons or armor, you head into the jungle of this game! Pigs are your best friends as they can send you in the right direction for the entire game. They will drop hints like you are not supposed to be in the water area, meaning you need to leave that zone and go to another place.


Throughout the game, you are transformed from 1 mighty beast into another, ranging from a mouse to a fish man and so forth. After each boss fight, you add one mighty beast to the options that you can change into! When clearing an area, do be mindful of your surroundings, you never know when you need to return to a place because of newly found powers.

The entire game is quite cleverly built up, each time you discover new parts, hidden doors or places you would like to revisit, all adding to the fun of this game.


Difficulty-wise, I think I need to mention 1 thing. This game is well-balanced as long as you enter the right area at a time! When exploring and heading into the wrong direction, suddenly you will find your weapons fall short on power. Most enemies operate on a set attack pattern, allowing you to either carefully head through an area or go all out berserk!


In conclusion, this game is well worth the 19,99 euros I spent on it, the only small remark being I would like a little more direction in the game instead of the current “find out yourself” feeling that I am getting, but that is not preventing me from having fun with this title, my rating is an 80%.