Review: Dragon Quest Heroes 2

The successor to the first Heroes game in the Dragon Quest saga, how does it compare to the first game and is it worth your time?

I am not giving you the short answer to this question just yet, I need to elaborate on many things before starting my review. I simply loved the original game. I finished it 7 times total and I was very excited to see how they would make the storyline for this game. You know, we did beat the lord of all evil in the previous one and the world is now in peace, right?


That is actually right, the game starts under the reign of peace, 1000 years to be precise! We commence this epic story with our main hero dreaming of days past, battling a monster. After waking up from his dream, his cousin enters the town of Harba by boat and you get taught how to battle by good old Healix, who is still joining us for this game!


The game pretty much sets off from there, Lazarel and Teresa, our heroes for this installment of the Dragon Quest Heroes game, learn how to fight each other first and after passing the mandatory small tutorial, the scene cuts to trouble near the gates of the city! The enemies, called the Dunisians are attacking the city and our heroes scurry off to help the city of Harba!


After beating the hordes of enemies, it becomes clear that the enemy seems to be Cesar, a friend of Lazarel… You are then summoned before the king and it becomes clear that your small group will need to restore peace, together with Lady Desdemona, who joined you in battle at the gates of Harba. It also became clear that our heroes were actually from Dunisia and I will not spoil too much about that, allowing you to enjoy the intrigues yourself!


Like the first game, this is a Musou game, a Dynasty warriors-like fighting game, but with all the snazzy tidbits and sounds of the Dragon Quest world, a feat I just adored. The part where this game got things right, is the feeling of still being connected to the previous game, be it by old characters returning or the nostalgic tunes when listening to the soundtrack, this game got many things just right!


So where does it go wrong? Not all battles have the proper equilibrium of hardness, some bits are way harder than others and that can get tiresome, but I felt the original game had this issue too. Also, I noticed a different way of handling the camera, which I still need to get used to…

Another part that I dislike, the fact that Japan got this game on Nintendo Switch and we did not, neither did America. I would love to have this game with me wherever I go, I do own the imported switch game, but my Japanese does not cover enough ground to warrant playing it, it’s more of a pride thing, I guess… I hope it does get a release outside Japan one day… Square Enix would make me and many of my friends very happy to give us this one on Switch!


One of the things that it did get right, it introduced a new way of handling the maps of the levels you face, instead of giving you the entire information, more becomes available as you progress, adding a certain sense of exploration as you slay the hordes of enemies on your way to your destination!


In conclusion, this game pretty much picked up the pace from the previous one and also handled the gameplay as it should. I was a big fan of the original game and I loved everything I played so far of the second!
My rating for this game is 85% so yes, this game is worthy of your time.