Hands-on impression: Quake Champions

Quake is one of those games that shaped the gaming world. Together with Doom and Wolfenstein, it was one of the games that defined FPS games. Now after 12 years they are making another addition to the Quake series. Namely Quake Champions.

So I start up the game and encounter how tedious it is to start it up. Unfortunately the first few times I started it up, the game crashed with RAM problems. I couldn’t play it even though I had the required amount of RAM. I also read online that people with 16GB RAM had similar problems. But I won’t quit the preview here!

I do like the gameplay. It is fast paced, nice and fair. It takes some time to get used to, like every FPS game, but it gives you that satisfaction.


What I don’t like though is how the game makes you pay for certain stuff. But of cou, se I should not nag about this. It will be a free-to-play game so it is understandable that you have to pay for your characters. If you don’t pay you will only have Ranger to play with. But in that regard, I do like that you can rent heroes for a day. You do this with credits you can earn from playing matches.
I do have to add that the roster is rather small, but the characters in it are nice! They all look very cool!

But anyways the gameplay feels nice. It is fast paced, quick and in my opinion fair. You have all kinds of different weapons and you can pick them all up during a round.

Before the match starts you get a little warm up round. Then you can just run around and shoot everyone without points or anything.

Another thing that is missing is a tutorial. We all know how to play shooters, but not all of us (like me) have played Quake. You don’t know what every weapon does. There are also a lot of collectable things that I don’t know. For instance you have these hourglasses laying around, but I don’t know what they do. So a little tutorial would be nice.


But maybe that is just a characteristic from a game in development. No point in making a tutorial when not everything is implemented yet.

So in this stage I do like the game! You should surely pick it up when you are a hardcore FPS fan because things can get heated in Quake.

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