Hands-on: New Nintendo 2DS XL

The New Nintendo 2DS XL, the system nobody saw coming and nobody really asked for but it’s actually pretty good!

Timmy and I went to a special Nintendo event recently to check out Nintendo’s newest upcoming console, the Nintendo 2DS XL. In this article, we’ll give you our impressions of the device.


When I first heard the New 2DS XL got announced, I was really unsure if there was even a market for this console, with the big list of available consoles and the Nintendo Switch just released, it made me ponder what target audience they were thinking about.


When I got the chance to get hands-on with it, I did not hesitate and wanted to try it out. Boy, I was surprised, this device is slick, lightweight at 260 grams, the same sized screen as the New 3DS XL and damn, that top screen is just plain gorgeous! We were lucky enough to try and get a real feeling of this amazing new console and it was a big success, I already decided after 30 minutes of the gameplay, that I was going to retire my 3DS XL with this one… Never did it feel too heavy or slippery, it felt just right to the touch. I look forward to having one of my own!


I basically share the same impression as Timmy. When Nintendo revealed the system by surprise, I really didn’t understand why they even bothered. After seeing a short presentation it’s clear that Nintendo sees their 2DS as the basic model, the New Nintendo 2DS as the new regular model and the New Nintendo 3DS XL as the premium console. Let’s face it, this idea isn’t bad since a lot of other companies are working the same kind of way, so what can you expect from this New Nintendo 2DS XL?


This system, unlike the 2DS, offers the same as the 3DS models with the exception of the 3D-effect. Aside of that, this one also has the two extra shoulder buttons and small C-Stick to look around in New Nintendo 3DS games. So as far as features go, this one is a lot more powerful than the original 2DS machine. Also, note that an NFC-adapter is integrated so you can scan you precious amiibo figurines without having to buy another accessory.

The system itself looks incredibly good and the new clamshell design looks slick. Nintendo really created another modern and slick looking console. On top you have a certain pattern of lines, resulting in a fun surface to hold. The bottom of the system is slick and has the two 3D cameras integrated. The frontal camera is integrated into the center bar on the system and is perhaps one of the things I didn’t like that much about this new design. This bar is really sticking out of the system and it makes it a little less slick, showing us why the New Nintendo 3DS XL system is still the premium model.


I do really like the other aspects of this new console. It’s a lot lighter compared to the New Nintendo 3DS XL and it really fits your hands perfectly. Thanks to its light weight, it’s an easy console to carry with you and looking at the impressive library of the Nintendo 3DS, there are plenty of games you could carry with you. Another big plus is the screen, really looking good although it might be a bit too reflective for some, decreasing the viewing angle drastically compared to other systems but that’s not that big of a concern. Globally, this new system really looks and feels fresh. This isn’t just a quick new console, it really is an upgrade and it might even replace the 3DS systems.


Thank you for reading!