Impressions: The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Online has had its ups and downs but eventually made it out as one of the best MMOs out there. With their upcoming expansion in June, we took a glance of what this new expansion would offer us: the island Vvardenfell and a new nature-based magic-using class called the Warden. The Warden will hone some pretty cool nature abilities and a pet to follow and support you along your journey through this vast new world. There’s also a new PVP mode called Battlegrounds. In this PVP mode, 3 teams of 4 will battle against each other and one of those teams will eventually be called king of the hill. Hopefully, the next expansion will be a sight for sore eyes…



Morrowind will include lots of areas from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that has been released in 2002 but the events will take place, 700 years before the original Morrowind story. The player will follow the warrior-poet called Guardian of Vvardenfell. A guardian who wants to save his beloved island from the Daedric, the AI enemy within the game. He relies on the players in becoming victorious against the Daedric.

The game started off with a tutorial to learn the very basics of the game. This tutorial will be perfect for new players who want to get their hands on this multiplayer experience but I believe the tutorial will be too long for veterans. After your shipwreck, you’re captured by the residents of the island and you’re eventually released from your chains by a beloved favorite character from the Elder Scrolls universe, namely Naryu Virian.

Veteran players will be relieved that the developers took their time to implement some of the old areas within the game such as Seyda Neen, a fairly small village in the southern part of the Bitter Coast region. This village was once the starting area of the Elder Scrolls 3 where a guard would ask for your appearance and guided you to the next building to complete your registration. Old players will feel familiarized with this setting and begin their journey full of hope. The same path has been built but is now set in the online ever changing world. A small but yet important reference to acknowledge the research that the developers made in order for them to bring out the best experience for the players.


After receiving your personal effects at the Census & Excise Office, you’re ready to go out and explore, knowing that you’ll see Naryu Virian again in the near future. Players of the past Morrowind experience will definitely see familiar areas and reminisce about past loot boxes, their first stolen gold pieces and all of the other stuff that they could get their hands on. Next stop takes you to the mysterious city of Vivec, the place where the God Vivec holds all the cards in hand. Vivec is bored and offers you a job in becoming his new pet to complete some new quests within the area. Seems reasonable for a newly arrived character with “yet to develop” skills to assist this godlike creature. After exploring this vast city of Vivec, it was time to continue our journey on the island of Vvardenfell. From the beautiful canals and luxury buildings in Balmora to the entrance of Ald’ruhn. Along the way, you could have stopped at Caldera that was occupied by some hostile creatures. If you find the time there are more areas to explore such as Andasreth, Gnisis and the Northern shores of Vvardenfell. Places on the island, gamers will recognize and love.

The game offers you a sense of direction when it comes to exploring the different areas Morrowind has to offer. The game sends you on your way to complete main quests and even side guests but they still leave room to breathe. Go out and explore, discover the lost cultures and its secrets that they hold while being confronted with new likable creatures, hostile and friendly. The game offers new features that will attract different players. There’s a lot to do as a PVE player as well as players who seek out the thrill of player-versus-player combat. I’m more of a PVE player and there’s a big chunk of content to go through but one of the new features that have been introduced to us is the 12-person PVE mode called the Halls of Fabrication. It’s kind of a raid that opens possibilities for end-game content. This mode shouldn’t be entered unless you’re ready to take your skills to the next level.


I started off my adventure in Morrowind as a Warden, which is the new class that Zenimax has to offer us. It’s a decent pet class with some amazing looking abilities that trigger DPS and support styled gameplay. The Warden offers some interesting gameplay and will definitely be liked by a lot of gamers. It’s a class you’ll learn to love once you figured out how to play it in the best way possible. A new class is always a plus when it comes to expansions, it’s one of those changes that has a big influence on the meta experience and the Warden will certainly leave its mark on the meta experience of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The expansion was introduced with different boxes that can be bought over different platforms and Zenimax promised a big amount of weight when it comes to content: new PVP mode “battlegrounds”, the end-game mode “Halls of Fabrication”, a new Warden class and of course the island Vvardenfell that’s ready to be explored. This should count up for around 30 hours of new content, hopefully with lots of free DLC support from Zenimax.  I can see why there’s a promise of 30 hours but it will depend on your game style. If you’re just the type of guy/ girl that loves to explore, you’ll find enough to go around but players with a focus on the main story, who knows where the game will take you. As long as there’s lots of end-game content, players will be satisfied, so hopefully, Zenimax will have a good plan of future additions to the new Morrowind experience to keep those players satisfied. From what I’ve experience, the main quests will deliver an interesting story that follows in the footsteps of the past Morrowind. It should be an amazing experience and a perfect addition to the series.



The Morrowind expansion will offer lots to love and maybe some things that people won’t like but that’s something we’ll only know in the future. The game expansion offers an amazing experience for new players to get a grip on this MMO.  Lots of new features have been added but some of the old features have been slightly updated as well, such as the combat animations for example. This expansion will be the perfect way to start your journey in Tamriel and old players will love this expansion just as well, because they know what to expect. If they loved the main game, they will love this one as well.