Interview: Superbeat Xonic on Nintendo Switch

We contacted the lovely people behind the Rhythm game called Superbeat Xonic and they were so kind to answer our questions about possible plans to bring their game to the Nintendo Switch! We had 6 questions for them and this is what they answered.

1. How has the feedback been on the internet after word got out that you have been considering a Switch port?
-The feedback was great and we are looking into doing this now

2. We know that making games and ports can cost a considerable amount of money, a trend lately has been to crowdfund a game. Where do you stand on this principle, is it an option for a game like Superbeat Xonic on Switch or are there too many variables that we, as outsiders, fail to consider? 
-We would love to crowdfund projects like this because we are a small company. It’s something we’ve been looking into and would love to visit it in the near future. We have been very fortunate to develop this game without it and thanks to the fans and support we’ve been very proud to do it independently.


3. Let us pretend the game is actually coming, would you want to add more content to the game or start off with a 1on1 port?
-To be fair to the other consoles, we would want to do a 1on1 port first. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen but it’s just a thought from our side.

4. Still pretending the game is coming to switch, how would you implement the controls? Would you take full use of the JoyCon and/or movement?
-Its safe to say we would want to keep it the same. The game is so fast we don’t want to have people throwing JoyCon and breaking things.

5. If it is coming, would you prefer it to be physical or eShop only or both?
-We would love to have physical of course. Gamers still love it and so do we.


6. We always hear porting to Switch is supposed to be easy, could you shed a light on that or is it still too early for this?
-We haven’t gotten our hands on anything so we couldn’t say just yet. But once we do we would love to get back on this.

There you have it, guys and girls, don’t forget to show them their support if you too want this game to come to Nintendo Switch!
Once again, very big thanks to PM-Games for the quick reply and this amazing chance!