Nintendo Boulevard #9

Welcome to another round of Nintendo boulevard, where we unite all the smaller tidbits that came out over the past week!

Let us start by the amazing unboxing we ourselves did of the Valentia Collector’s edition of the new Fire Emblem game and our Ultra street Fighter 2 preview videos, they were pretty amazing and if you haven’t seen them already, head over to our youtube channel and be sure to check them out!

For the Nintendo Switch, we saw several new games being released, among them Minecraft, which appears to be a hot seller already, personally, I am waiting for the physical release of this one.


Nintendo themselves announced their plans for the upcoming E3, where they will mostly focus on games coming in 2017, I am greatly anticipating more Mario Odyssey information, that game looked amazing when they originally announced and I can’t wait to start playing it!

This week we saw some many developer studios announce more information in regards to E3, so many more new games to come!


One of my all time favorite anime/manga series, One Piece, is getting a physical release on Switch, but not on Ps4 or PC, they are only getting digital love, a strange but speaking as a fan, very cool decision to stick with the switch instead! This was confirmed by Bandai Namco Europe!

On the Wii U front, one of the last physical releases this console will ever see, Darksiders Warmastered, appears to be releasing next week! Making the total physical games 202 at this moment, with Cars 3, Levantate all stars (Spanish exclusive for Europe) and Axiom Verge still on their way.

There you have it, not the biggest week of information, but considering all the goodies coming out next week, we all know Disgaea 5, Ultra Street Fighter 2, … are coming 😀