Preview: Hey! Pikmin

We recently got the chance to check out the upcoming Hey! Pikmin game and played it on a New Nintendo 2DS XL. The game takes a different approach and leaves behind the open 3D worlds and trades them for side-scrolling action. Is this the right direction for Captain Olimar and his little friends? Or should we desperately wait for Pikmin 4 to get what we really want?

I won’t hesitate too long here, Hey! Pikmin really caught me by surprise. First things first, the game looks stunning on the New Nintendo 2DS XL and basically on any system in the 3DS family. The game is extremely colorful, bright and filled with fun little details. What I liked the most in the version I’ve played was the fact that both screens really are used together as one. We saw games like these back in the beginning days of the Nintendo DS but they have become rarer in modern games. It’s good to see Nintendo bringing back the idea to create one massive screen instead of two separate ones.

The graphics on this game were also surprisingly great, sporting a really nice and vibrant feeling to this game, adding a real surplus to this game! I am certain that when you get to play it as well, that you will really notice how beautiful this game really is. The gameplay and navigation both really got lifted to a higher level because of it!


The reason why is perhaps the touchscreen, every input is done on the touchscreen. By tapping a location, Captain Olimar will throw his Pikmin towards that location. You’ll also have the whistle icon on the touchscreen to lure new Pikmin to your group and some other features as well. The game supports the touch interface really well, the control stick is only used for walking and climbing. The controls are really intuitive and bringing the Pikmin franchise to a side-scrolling environment really works out surprisingly good. It reminded me of the Chibi-Robo game and that’s something good for sure!

Talking about the game itself, this has Pikmin written all over it. You collect a few little guys and set out on an adventure. The red Pikmin are the all-rounders and are capable of bringing down the enemies with ease while they won’t break a sweat building bridges either. The yellow ones are a little lighter and can be used to reach higher places on the top screen. Later on, I’ve encountered blue Pikmin that were able to swim around, transforming my game into a classic underwater level like the ones that can be found in games like Super Mario.


My early conclusion is a very positive one. Hey! Pikmin takes a new direction but it’s one I can really appreciate. It still has the familiar Pikmin gameplay but with an extra twist. The game seems to offer a lot of different content and a lot of objects to collect. This might become one of those sleeper hits that will hopefully reach a market with the help of the New Nintendo 2DS XL by its side on release.


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