Review: Rudymical

Today we review the Rudymical Rhythm game on Nintendo Switch!

I have stated this before, I suck at rhythm games, but on the Switch, I can’t seem to stop going back to try them out. So this time, I got myself the Rudymical game, a game with clear anime influences and an amazing artwork all round.


The game itself is a spin-off of the Dark With Story and was brought to us by Flyhigh Works, known for Kamiko and Voez, both also on Switch!


The storyline itself is very cliché and is your basic good versus evil storyline, based on the use of Syega Crystals. In case they end up in the wrong hands, the world is in great danger, and so on… Let us be honest, you don’t play games like this for the story but for the fun of it!


The game itself? Not your typical rhythm game though, it brings a new approach to the genre, as you are facing your enemy on a 1 versus 1 battle, the enemy basically attacks you at and each time you slash down their attacks or jump over fireballs each at their own pace, some fast, some really slow, you dish out damage to your opponent!
This game has 4 basic difficulty settings, which are really worlds apart!
My best suggestion is to really start off slow and not like me, immediately opt for the “lunatic” option… But hey, at least I hit 11 attacks… Out of 47 that were sent at me.

But I digress when I say that I got creamed, the point being, you need to start off at easy and slowly work your way up, at the easy level, you mostly slash the red attack, requiring a simple 1 button push. Others have their own button to push, holding true to the rhythm game convention.


So where do I stand on this game? Is it worth buying or not?

I think it is, at 8 euros, it is not expensive and it is visually stunning. The game itself is completely adaptable to the level of how much energy you are willing to invest in it and I use this specific method of describing because the game can go all the way up to very intense gameplay.


In conclusion, Rudymical is a very smart approach to a genre that has its own fanbase. While ingenious and beautiful graphics-wise, I can recommend this game to anyone looking for shorter gaming sessions.

I do not think this game is suited for very long gaming sessions though, while it is fun to play, the appeal for me to just keep going at it, that is simply not there.

My rating for this game comes in at 60%