Review: Get Even

Imagine a world where you could relive your memories in order to find out something you can’t remember. It sounds like something that’s only possible in your wildest dreams but in ‘Get Even’, it’s the reality people live in. You follow the story of Cole Black, a man that’s desperately trying to find out why a certain woman was kidnapped and why he failed to rescue her. Needless to say, nothing is as easy as it might sound.

Save the girl

The game starts rather intense with our new protagonist waking up outside of a building. Your job is to save a kidnapped woman who’s being held somewhere inside that brick maze. Since this serves as an introduction to the game, it won’t take that long until you find the girl; but this isn’t a game filled with happy ending. Black fails to disable the bomb sending both himself and the girl into oblivion. Seconds later, he wakes up outside of a strange institution.


A mysterious voice called ‘Red’ tells him to enter building B to start his cure. It seems like Black is suffering from memory loss and needs to travel back to his memories in order to get better. This is something that reminded me of Assassin’s Creed. You travel back to your memories, clear missions and learn the truth of Black. The biggest difference with Assassin’s Creed is that the story of Get Even is a lot darker and filled with plot twists.

Discover clues in the environment

If you take a look screenshots, you might think this is another first person shooter but that’s not the case. Get Even is situated somewhere between a shooter and walking simulator (like for example The Town of Light). During some moments you won’t fire your gun and in all honesty, you can even complete the entire game without firing your gun. Most of the time, you’ll be searching for clues with the help of your smartphone, your most powerful tool in the game.


Your smartphone is your most important tool since you’ll need it to discover clues in the environment. Aside from getting texts from Red, you can also use the UV-light to track blood, use the heat sensor to follow certain cables, scan your environment for better details or use the map to see other moving objects in the area. Without your phone, you won’t be able to discover the clues you’ll need to discover. This also means that the pacing is rather slow at these segments and you’ll have to read a lot of information in order to advance. This might sound boring for some but the story is interesting enough to keep you going and the music really adds to the atmosphere.

Use your guns

Looking around while searching for clues with your smartphone, isn’t the only aspect of Get Even, the other important gameplay element is the first person shooter action. Let me be clear, this game isn’t a first person shooter at all but it does borrow elements from it. From time to time, you’ll encounter enemies, you can take them out if you want or you can search for another, more safe route to avoid them. The trick here is that you never know if killing them will alter your memory or not so you’ll always have to take several things into consideration before you decide to gun them down.


Since this isn’t a shooter, you have a regular handgun and automatic weapon, star of the game is the cornergun, a futuristic gun that enables you to shoot enemies while standing behind a corner. It’s the ultimate stealth gun and it really is a lot of fun to use. You won’t need it that much but when you do, it offers the needed variation to keep things interesting.

Rough around the edges

Get Even is one of those games that’s really hard to judge. It really has an interesting story and the main idea behind the game is just genius. The actual game itself, however, is a little too rough around the edges. The graphics, for example, aren’t bad, especially the buildings look incredible thanks to the scanning technique that was used but characters and the hands holding guns aren’t that pretty. It’s something that I can relate to since the game suffered from some delays but I can’t help but think that some of the elements could have been better.


More of a problem is the way the story is told. You need to discover everything in certain files, memos or clues you find. There’s an evidence room where you can check out everything you discovered this far but aside from that, the story itself is rather hard to follow. I’m sure a lot of gamers will miss out on the subtle elements of the story and will only discover the main story, which isn’t that bad but a missed opportunity nevertheless. If it wasn’t for the solid music guiding you towards important elements, you would miss out on too much.


Get Even is a very interesting game with an interesting setting, excellent music and a fun story to discover. It’s a shame it’s a little too rough around the edges and certain elements could have been integrated into different, better ways. That being said, it’s definitely something different and it’s a game that dares to talk about subjects other games avoid. It’s not the most perfect game but if you’re a fan of story-driven games, this is one you should try out. It’s not for everybody but I’m sure a lot of gamers will enjoy every second of it.


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