Review: Hunting Simulator

Mankind has been hunting animals for centuries. Long ago, you had to go outside to track down and kill animals. If you didn’t, you couldn’t eat. There were no supermarkets with packed meat waiting for you in the fridge. It was a more brutal time, a time where a human could really feel like he’s on top of the chain. Nowadays people still hunt, mostly for relaxation, a sport that not everybody approves. Hunting Simulator tries to bring you the same thrill of the hunt without actually killing animals, PETA approves!

Realism is key

Hunting Simulator labels itself as a realistic hunting experience where you have to track down animals before you can take them out. Before you can actually kill animals, you’ll need to take a lot of things into consideration. The wind, the noise you make and the way you approach your prey are all important elements for a successful hunt. Points are also granted if you can shoot the animal down with a critical shot, the less pain it feels, the higher you score! A code hunters in the real world live by, so things are pretty realistic.


This realism is perhaps also its biggest downside. Hunting Simulator isn’t a fast paced or easy game. Hunting is hard, as it should be. A lot of time goes to preparation. Selecting the right tools for the job and eventually tracking down the animal. The game is filled with a wide variety of animals, killing them all will take a lot of time. It’s a game that’s best enjoyed by fans of this genre. The more casual gamer won’t find a lot of fun here since it’s just too slow and a little too complex.

Learn the ropes

The moment you start playing, you’ll be rather impressed by the amount of content the game has to offer. You can play the singleplayer campaign or hunt on the online fields. The campaign is divided into different pieces thanks to a character system. Each character you select has some kind of backstory that strings the different hunts together. It’s a nice try to cover up the lack of real variation since each mission feels a bit too much of the same. The biggest problem I had with the campaign is the fact that everything is locked, you can only really start to enjoy the game after a couple of hours of unlocking. Offering some more tools and environments right from the start might have been better for the motivation. The game simply has a ridiculously slow start now.


Once you’re off, the goal always stays the same. You have to kill a certain animal at a certain time of the day. Of course, it’s all done very realistically so I’m sure hunters will find some fun in this product. The biggest problem I had with it was the performance. It’s a semi-open world game where you can go wherever you want. The different missions are set in a rather large environment and it’s up to you to track down and eventually kill the prey. The environments suffer from pop-in and ugly graphics. The game doesn’t look good and the way water looks like is just ridiculous for modern standards. The game simply doesn’t look good, especially when you switch over to the third person perspective. It feels like the developers could have used some extra time and budget to take the game to another level.


Hunting Simulator isn’t a game a wide audience will enjoy but I’m sure there are people out there who are looking for something like this. Too bad this game doesn’t offer the perfect virtual hunting trip. The missions are too repetitive and the graphics aren’t good at all. The hunting itself feels very realistic and it’s really not that easy to take down an animal. That being said, be warned it’s not a game you’ll enjoy if you don’t have any connecting with hunting in real life. Think twice before you get this one in stores.



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