Indie Corner: De Mambo (Nintendo Switch)

The developers of De Mambo call this game a lite version of Super Smash Brothers. So as a Smash veteran I really had to check this game out; especially due to the lag of a Smash game (please Sakurai make this happen)!Let’ss find out if this game can fulfill my Smash needs for now!

Nintendo always gave indie games a chance on their platforms, this is no different on the new Nintendo Switch. They even hosted an event where a bunch of indie developers had the chance to introduce their games. One of the more outstanding titles was definitely De Mambo. A platform minimalistic platform game with Smash influences according to the developer: The Dangerous Kitchen.


The game can be explained very simply, you are a ball and you have 3 lives while you compete against other balls. You win the game by being the last one who is still alive. Killing happens by pushing each other from the platform. There are no health meters, no Items and only three different moves but what makes this game interesting is the large variety of maps to play that changes by hitting it until you completely destroyed all the platforms.

It is simple but it is fun, it can be a bit monotone because of the very simplistic moves that are the same for every ball/character. Playing this game with friends is a very fun experience and I have to admit in a small way it kinda resembles Smash. Especially that competitive aspect of the game. A competitive ecstasy that lasted for 15 minutes and then me and my friends got bored and we started playing a different game. I really tried to get more out of this game but it really lags some spices to keep you hooked.


The single player in this game is totally different from the multiplayer. The battle mode you play in multiplayer is not even playable when you are alone. An option to play against CPUs would be cool but sadly it is not there at the time of writing this review. To make up for that there is a sort of story mode that uses the same mechanics from the battle modes but blends it in a minimalistic puzzle-platform game. The levels are ver short but there is a lot to play and there is a lot of variety between them. To be honest I did not enjoy this style of gameplay but I can certainly see why others might enjoy this style; it is just not for everyone.



I am not very positive about this game but if there was one thing I absolutely loved about this game was its design. It has some retrostyle that reminded me of the NES times mixed with some very creative drawings I really liked. De Mambo is the first game of developer The Dangerous Kitchen and I really hope they keep it up with these creative designs. They just have to work a bit more on their gameplay but I am pretty sure they will improve and they will surprise the world with the next big indie game.



Been addicted to games ever since I was a little kid. My little brother and I always tried to beat each other with every game so I'm a little competitive. I mainly play Nintendo games but enjoy the classic PlayStation games and I'm a huge League of Legend fan.