Review: Splatoon 2 Online Multiplayer

We did a review on the Single player story mode of Splatoon 2 but now it is time to go further! Grab your Splatter Gun and choose your favorite color of ink because were are going to splash it out in the Online Multiplayer of Splatoon 2.

Nintendo has always stayed away from extreme violence in their video games and a shooter was very uncommon on Nintendo systems. But, Nintendo succeeded in making a shooter that is suitable for every age and still feels like a shooter. Splatoon was one of the best Wii U games but due to the disappointing sales numbers (of the system) a lot of people missed out on this gem. With the Nintendo Switch doing much better I bet there will be a lot of people who are pretty exited to pick up Splatoon 2.


A lot of titles on the Nintendo Switch are remastered versions of great Wii U games with extra content like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the upcoming Pokken Tournament DX. In my opinion this is a great thing because it gives people who never had a Wii U the opportunity to play great Wii U games; but if you already owned these games on Wii U, it is kind of pointless to buy the same game again. Overall I think as long as Nintendo releases both new games and remastered versions of Wii U classics on the Nintendo Switch, it’s fine by me.

Due to this “trend” a lot of people assumed that Splatoon 2 is just another remaster of a Wii U game and it’s just a waste of money if you already own Splatoon;  but I can confidently say that Splatoon 2 is a completely new game. The concept of the game is the same but a lot of new weapons, customization options, maps and many more were added to the game.

For people who are completely new to the franchise: Splatoon is a Third Person Shooter where you shoot with ink instead of bullets and you win the game by splashing the map with your ink color, at the end of the match the team who has the most ink wins the game. It sounds weird if you hear it for the first time but it is pure ingenious. To be honest, I really don’t like shooters, it’s just not my type of game but when I played Splatoon for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it. It is so strategical and objective focused that it almost feels like Overwatch but keeps its own personality.


There are no specific character classes in Splatoon but every weapon can fill a different role. There are chargers, sniper weapons that gives you map control and vision over the map, mid range weapons to take out targets and to cover your ground and defend, and there are paint rollers to go into melee range and mark territory for pressure and to be able to come back. These are just a few classes of the weapons in Splatoon but there is a lot more to discover.

Every time you play an online match you get coins and XP (obviously you get more when you win) to more you level up the more gear and weapons that comes available for you to purchase. The gear is not only for your looks, both all have specific abilities. Abilities can give you a faster recovery time, a more efficient ink tank, faster running and much more to create a character that fits your style. When you purchase gear they start with only 1 ability but when you use the gear a lot, you unlock up to 4 abilities for each gear so you are encouraged to stick with the gear you like.

The Weapon shop if filled with tons of new weapons, everybody should definitely find a few weapons that fit their play style. Every weapon comes with a secondary weapon (mostly a type of bomb) and a special ability completely for free. Special abilities are very powerful moves that can be used after you filled up your special meter. There are utility specials like extra amor or vision for your team, aggressive specials like a nuke attack or defensive specials that help you defend your ground. The meter is filled up rather quickly and adds more strategy to your games.


To my surprise, the matchmaking and loading for the online games happened extremely quickly. We played the game during the preview time, this means that it’s kind of a ghost town in player base because that game is not even out but it never took longer then 2 minutes to find 8 players to start a game. My online experience was  amazing, I never had any lag and never noticed it with other players.

The controls of the first Splatoon were great and they have only improved in Splatoon 2. You still have the option to use motion controls or just play without and these options can be set separately for TV mode or Handheld mode which is a great feature because I don’t think I would play with motion control when I play in Handheld mode.

Besides the casual and competitive team battles you play there is a new cooperative mode added to the game called Salmon Run. In this mode you play in a team of 4 players  where you have to fight 3 waves of enemies and collect eggs. It is almost like a Call of Duty Zombie mode but with the Splatoon twist. It’s a tough job but you can earn great awards for succeeding so it is definitely worth doing. You have the option to play with random people but I think this is the most fun when you play with friends and earn those sweets rewards together.


Splatoon 2 is such a great game but I have one big problem with it. The game is mainly focused on online play. At this time the only option to play offline is the Story mode. The Story Mode is great and can help you earn XP or coins for online play so I definitely recommend that you play it. But other than that there is no option to play the online game modes offline against CPU. When you play at home this is not the biggest deal but the Nintendo Switch is a console that you play both at home and on the go and I would love to play some Turf War on the go. I think that this feature will be added later but I really missed it for now.


Splatoon 2 is a really great game, It has fantastic gameplay, runs extremely smooth and has a lot of features that keeps it fresh. I think it has a great competitive aspect that can put Nintendo on the Esports map. Developers promised us that we will get 1 year of free DLC, so Splatoon 2 will only get better with the time. I am certain that this will become the first Nintendo Switch game that I will put more than 100 hours in. Definitely a must buy for every Switch owner.



Been addicted to games ever since I was a little kid. My little brother and I always tried to beat each other with every game so I'm a little competitive. I mainly play Nintendo games but enjoy the classic PlayStation games and I'm a huge League of Legend fan.