Review: That’s You

That’s You is the newest party game on PlayStation 4 that got revealed during the pre-show of the PlayStation E3 conference. That’s right, the game was revealed just a couple of weeks ago but available on PlayStation 4 this week! At first sight, it looks like another one of those generic party games but ‘That’s You’ is far more than just that. Taking selfies together was never this much fun!

A different kind of game

That’s You is a lot different from other games. You don’t control this one with your controller, you’ll need to install the companion app on your smartphone and you’re ready to go. The best thing about the companion app is that you don’t need the game to have fun with it. A mistake a lot of developers make is that they create a useless app that you simply can’t use without the game. The That’s You app is a different story. You can use it to make your own drawings, write down questions or play a mini-game called ‘Pass it On’. Basically, the app offers a ‘lite’ experience of the PS4 game without actually having to switch on the PlayStation 4 itself.


But, of course, you don’t get this game to get a fun new app on your phone, the base game offers most fun. First of all, the players will have to pick several cards that will represent them. After some great selfie taking, you’re set to go! The game focusses heavily on the selfies so be sure you take a good one! Once ready to go, the virtual suitcase opens and takes you to one of its settings. The environments vary from cozy campfires to creepy attics. Having these environments is fun since it really adds to the great atmosphere of the game. The PlayStation 4 hardware isn’t pushed to its limits but the environments do look great and are filled with fun little details to discover.

Know your friends

So what’s the main idea behind the game? It’s a game about coming together with a group of friends. Depending on how many players are playing, the game will adapt to its situation. When you play with two, it’s a co-operative game where you’ll have to answers several questions about the other player. If you both answer the same, you’ll get rewarded with points. It’s a game to test how strong a friendship is and how good you know each other. It’s fun to play with two but it all gets a lot better when you play with three or more players.


When you play with a minimum of three players, you’ll compete against each other while still gaining points when everybody in the party answers the same. You also have some Jokers you can use to double your score if you’re sure everybody will answer the question with the same answer. Based on the number of players, the session will vary in length. Each player will get one question-based in a certain environment while a final round concludes things. Sessions are over rather quickly, so it’s an interesting game to play during parties, thanks to the quick sessions, the game has a huge replay value so everybody at the party can enjoy the title.

Variation is key

The most fun thing about the game isn’t just answering questions about you and your friends. The game does offer enough variation to keep things interesting. There’s a lot of variation in the questions and that’s certainly the big strength of the game. Sometimes you’ll need to complete the other player’s sentences to really test how well you know the other player, the best questions are those where the camera comes in action. Taking selfies and passing them around so the others can draw on them often results in fun moments with your friends.

That's You

The camera is used from time to time but when it’s used, it really is a party. The questions and goals of the game really offer enough variation to keep the game interesting from start to finish. Thanks to this variation, it’s also a game you can play on a regular basis. The only major downside we noticed is the length of the sessions. Only getting one round each (minus the final round), isn’t a lot. Perhaps it would have been better if you could select the amount of rounds before the start of every round. That being said, this was the only major ‘problem’ we discovered while playing.


That’s You turned out to be a surprisingly fun PlayStation 4 game. This isn’t just another one of those cheap party game, this game really offers a lot of fun. If you’re planning a lot of gaming evenings this Summer, consider That’s You as one of your main games to play. The variation in questions in combination with the powerful companion app and crazy selfies result in a product of quality. It’s a game definitely worth checking out!


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