Review: Transformers: The Last Knight

Last week, while standing in traffic, I entered Q Music’s competition to win one of the hundred tickets to see the new Transformers. Lucky me, cause I got to see it in the Imax theater at Kinepolis Brussels.

First of all, WOW. I had never seen a movie in Imax and I almost shit my pants (sorry for her language -ed.). Incredible. Besides the amazing gift of getting to see it in this quality, I also got free popcorn and a soft drink. Thanks, Q Music, you guys are awesome.

Enough sucking up to our popular Belgian radio station! Let me get to the actual review of this hyped, new movie.

Don’t kill me, but before this Transformers movie, I had only seen the firs half hour of the very first Transformers movie back in 2007. Sorry to say that the horrible acting skills of Megan Fox stopped me from finishing this movie.


I am not part of the huge fanbase of the Transformers movies, but I get it. After watching the last Michael Bay creation I definitely understand why so many people love these Alien creatures. Although these robots (can I say that?) are computer animated, they’re amazing. So many details are put into these characters. I loved recognizing voices like John Goodman and Steve Buscemi. These characters truly come alive with the help of human features and amazing voices.

Let’s get real about the actors in this movie, so many A-list talents. First of all, Mark Wahlberg. Every live-action movie nowadays has Mark. He’s so freaking cool. Guys love him and I guess try to relate and every girl wants to date him. Besides the sexy or cool factor, he’s such a great actor. He first entered the Transformers series back in 2014 and he’s back to cool this movie up. If you’re wondering what the title “The Last Knight” is about, let it sink in for a minute.


Besides Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins joins the cast of this movie. He portrays Sir Edmund Burton, maybe a bit type casting. He guides us through the history of the Transformers, all the way back to King Arthur. And the knights of the round table, get it? I think he has the coolest Transformer of the bunch, super sophisticated but not to be messed with. The best joke in the movie is when the Transformer is compared to C3PO, he could probably be his twin brother.

We also meet Vivian Wembley, an historian who works at Oxford. For me, the new Megan Fox, but with better acting skills. She is beautiful and British. I guess some boys and men in the theater might get excited about that one. My (girl) friend and I were both quite frustrated by the fact that she likes to wear high heels. Like all the time. Come on guys, there is no girl on this earth who goes to war in heels. No way. Something which also frustrated me in “Jurrasic World”, where Bryce Dallas Howard runs for her life in the prettiest high heels. Just no.


In this movie, a new villain is introduced, Quintessa. Quintessa forces Optimus Prime to ruin planet Earth, with the help of Megatron. Yes, he is back. Just like in every superhero movie (is Transfomers a super hero movie?) this story ends with an epic battle, but who will win this time? I’m not going to spoil. I’ll just tell you there’s a whole lot of slowmotion and explosions, surprise!

I would rate this movie around 6/10. For those Transformers fans out there, you’ll probably love it. For those like me, maybe watch it at home or win a free ticket while in traffic.


My name is Liesje, which sounds like Alicia Keys, but without the A and the amazing voice. I am Disney obsessed, I watch movies on daily basis and I love making jokes about myself. I don't speak Nintendo, sorry.