Indie Corner: Puzzle Adventure Blockle

Another day, another puzzle game that gets released on a Nintendo console. Puzzle fans sure have a big library to choose from, even on the Nintendo Switch, which is still a fairly new console. INTENSE CO, a Japanese developer, adds their newest title ‘Puzzle Adventure Blockle’ to the system. Does it offer enough to stand out from all the other puzzle games available for the Switch?

The premise

Like most other puzzle games, Puzzle Adventure Blockle comes with a simple story that is basically implemented to encourage the player in progressing the game without it feeling repetitive. You take control of Kulu, a cat-like creature and are accompanied by the goddess Arika who has lost her memory. It is your task to complete challenges and obtain seven World Stones. Nothing much else happens throughout the story, which is normal for puzzle games like this, but it would have been nice if it were a little more engaging. The world of PAB is filled with cute creature designs, which adds to the beautiful colours, art-style and lighthearted dialogue. The only weird thing is that Arika is the only human in the entire game and is often used for innuendo jokes. Nothing terrible, but all those jokes come from animals and other cute creatures, which just looks weird. It doesn’t take away from the overall experience, but it does feel out of place in a game like this.

KuluArika Blockle
You’ll be sent on your mission by the mayor of your local town

Spin me around

The puzzle themselves are easy to learn. You are placed inside a room that can be rotated. Inside the room is a gate you have to reach and items you have to collect if you want receive the maximum score. In order to reach the gate, you have to rotate the room so that Kulu can reach it. Kulu himself can also be controlled, but you can only move him towards the left or right and let him climb low obstacles. Reaching the gate is, with the exception of the last couple of levels, an easy thing to do. This is why the actual challenge of the puzzles is reaching the gate with the least amount of moves possible while also collecting bonus items, like keys or orbs. That’s also where the addicting gameplay comes in since you want to fill your map with fully completed puzzles, instead of rushing through them with low scores. But doing so is easier said than done. Don’t underestimate this game, most of its puzzles are difficult to complete 100% if you aren’t an avid puzzle player. Luckily, there’s a rewind button that lets you redo turns if you messed up. In short, PAB comes with simple yet challenging puzzles.

Collecting all bonus items in a room is the actual challenge in most puzzles


Not much else can be said about PAB. It doesn’t have any other game modes like time attack or multiplayer, which makes this game feel a little bare bone but isn’t that bothersome when you see it costs less than 10 euro (or dollars). The puzzles are well made and the game itself is pleasant to look at with its colourful design. If you’re looking for a new time-sinker for your Switch, then consider playing this game.