Indie Corner: Kid Tripp

Welcome to our review of Kid Tripp, a mobile game ported to 3DS.

When I was first introduced to this game, I went onto YouTube, a great source for gameplay videos, and I went looking for this specific game. The game has a weird fast-paced promo video up there, making you think “how the F will I be able to even get to the second level at this insane speed?”


Thankfully, this game does not run at this speed and that is a great thing. Even though that maniacal speed is available through the options, you can go slower by “walking” as your default speed.

Kid Tripp is a side scrolling game where you basically have 2 working buttons, one for jumping and the other for shooting. As soon as the level starts, you are flung towards the end and you start running. Only obstacles along the road can provide you with a small breather and you need to time your jumps just right and handle your shots perfectly in order to keep running through small levels of pure evil!


Shoot down enemies or evade them if you can, that is the main idea, while not falling down ravines or into the water. I was delighted to find out you can try your luck and jump atop the water to keep yourself alive… One of the few times, you escape a certain death…

Haha, this game is so evil, yet so gratifying, I find it hard to stop playing, despite being pure evil!

Every small mishap is instantly punished by losing a life, but do not despair, you have 10 lives to play this game, with continues as well, though those make you lose your money.

While it is clear that this game was originally a mobile game, it deserves due credit on being a well-designed game that keeps dragging you back for more. The graphics are not the greatest and can be compared to 8-bit style, but not a single time was I distracted by this as I just kept going, trying to finally beat that darn level and advance to the next one.


Sheer Willpower is needed for this game, I kid you not!

But I said it before, this game is so gratifying, beating a level is amazing! Even if that takes you 20 tries or more, haha, trust me, I know where I am coming from. It might be too hard for the occasional gamer, as it does pack quite a hard hitting punch…

The gameplay on this game is very addictive and well suited for a portable platform like the 3DS and so far, not one of my deaths felt unfair to me, each time I was just like “oh darn” or “ah yeah, missed that jump”, which does add to the power of this game, levels are roguelike so if you fail to complete the level, you start the level from the beginning. Levels are considerably short though, which do not make things impossible…


In conclusion, I think it is clear that this game is a must buy for any fan of the platform genre that wants a serious pain in the ass game! You will love how this game keeps you addicted to its evil gameplay and I sure loved it.

Despite my clear adoration, I will say one thing, if you do not like this more difficult platforming genre, I would stay clear of this game.

If you like these kinds of satanic games, do support the developers by buying this evil game, my rating will stand at an outstanding 90% !



Extra: This game is now also available on Nintendo Switch and I played it as well. The gameplay and great feeling remain as this appears to be a straight port. I often felt nostalgic towards my original run of the 3DS game and at one point really wondered how I ever finished a specific level. This game was awesome back then and still is.