Review: One Piece Unlimited World R Deluxe

Welcome to our review of One Piece Unlimited World R Deluxe, the first One Piece game to appear on Nintendo Switch!

When I got my hands on an early physical copy of this game, I immediately started playing. Despite having finished the game on my Vita already, I clearly remember having so much fun with it. This was the first of all the One Piece games aside from the musou ones that I actually enjoyed!


One Piece itself is a very long running manga series from the master himself, Eiichiro Oda, the original game came out in Japan way back in 2013, so yes, this is an older game getting a port, but I do not consider that a bad thing personally. Following the lead of other One Piece games, like the Unlimited Cruise series, this is an adventure game, where you are thrown into an adventure all the while playing the Mugiwara  (strawhats).


The story begins with Garp and Sengoku discussing Redfield, a notorious loner pirate that is on par with Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard, who was released back when Teach raided the Impel Down prison several years ago. The scene switches to Smoker and Aokiji, two famous marines, fighting alongside Redfield who suddenly confirms he is missing something…


The scene changes one more time, this time straight to the Mugiwara who are approaching a new island, accompanied by Pato, a tanuki that can change objects into anything. While the Mugiwara board the island, Luffy separates from the group to go explore the island, this is where you are being plunged into the tutorial of the game!

You get to beat up some punks threatening the local innkeeper, Yadoya is her name,  after flying around town. Once they are beaten, she treats you to some food and a good night rest after which the real story starts.

The other Mugiwara have been kidnapped!


Luffy and Pato set off to go rescue their friends with Pato leading the way! After boarding, you head off to Punk Hazard. The island is on fire and before Luffy knows it, he is being attacked by a real big fire breathing Dragon! Luffy obviously shouts out “Meat” instead of being afraid of the enemy, this in true One piece style!

After beating the dragon, it appeared someone shouting Shurororo ran off with the dragon meat, sounds like Caesar Clown did it! Heading into Punk Hazard, you are facing off with many enemies and slowly learn more and more about the game mechanics.


While the levels/islands themselves are easy, you can always press the plus sign on your right joycon to bring up a map, allowing you to localize yourself or see that you are still progressing towards the goal set out.

This game just keeps bringing a great One Piece experience from here on out, where you try to rescue your crewmates and eventually face off with Redfield! You will also find out where Pato, our lovely Tanuki fits into the game, but like usual, I prefer to avoid spoilers and will not go into details.


Back when I played it on my Vita, I already thought the game looked very nice on a portable gaming console, but it just looks gorgeous on the Nintendo Switch. I hope my screenshots can convey how beautiful this game has become.

While scouring through the islands that you visit, you encounter a lot of loot along the way, which you will love throughout the game, it will help you and my advice is to not miss a thing when you can! Eventually, you will go through the story with your favorite Mugiwara lending their support!


In conclusion, this is an older game, it may not appeal to everyone. I am a very big One Piece fan myself, having visited the Baratie restaurant in Odaiba and the Mugiwara store in Tokyo. I went to Osaka to join a live show in Universal studios Japan and everything, I am that big of a fan. I do not enjoy the majority of One Piece games though as most of them have been very clunky and never really felt “finished”.

Unlimited World R, however, is the exception as this is a good game! But again, it is an older game that got a serious upgrade in graphics, it includes all the DLC available and because of that, it does offer a great and lengthy experience.

My rating as a fan of the series is a solid 80%!