Indie Corner: Qbics Paint

Welcome to our review of the game called Qbics Paint, a 3D game that is great for kids!

When I originally saw this game and its promotion video, I thought this game would be very bad, but I must admit, I am enjoying it a lot more than I expected. The video makes it look silly and childish, a game where you end up revealing the hidden item and then painting it.

This game is basically just that.


When you start a level, you’re faced with a big cube consisting of many very small cubes. It’s your duty to tap on the screen to remove the cubes and end up revealing the hidden object. I know, this sounds easy and childish, but it’s exactly that same thinking that made me screw up one of the earlier levels.


When you miss the part that needs to be removed but tap on the hidden object, you end up losing part of the three stars you can earn by clearing the level. Mess up once too often, game over! You need to restart the level. While it is not hard at all to pay attention, my experience is that this game was kind of fun and I wanted to clear it as quickly as possible. I went too fast a few times, suddenly the hidden object changed into a red object, alarming me that I was close to a Game over!


As you are clearing the playing field, you get letters on top of the screen to indicate and help you figure out what you are uncovering, a nice touch in my humble opinion.


Once you successfully clear a level, you tap the paint logo and you end up coloring the object that you just revealed! You can go all out original colors like after the reveal or go all out and Picasso it! A nice touch is the paint drops on the bottom after you are done painting, it adds just a little coolness to a basically bare game.


While this game is really simple, both in graphics and in gameplay, this game is another one of the touch games that often feel like they do belong on a smartphone, but personally, I enjoy playing it on my Nintendo Switch.

In terms of replayability, you can keep going into levels to keep playing and once finished, you can even go into a “maker” to construct your own items, while I did not really try this feature, my lack of impatience for this stuff is to blame. I also sucked at creating Super Mario Maker levels and this one is no exception, my sole try to make a balloon, well, it looked nothing like a balloon at all…


In conclusion, this is a fun game, that despite its’ very short review is actually worth checking out if you have kids or even want to give it a try yourself! I am a 40-year-old gamer myself and it did amuse me more than I anticipated.

My rating for this game stands at a very unexpected 70%, this game is oriented at younger children and we have a few great games already in the genre out there. But do check it out if you have children, they may really love this game!