Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

A couple of years ago, Capcom decided to dig out Mega Man from its shallow grave, resulting in the first Legacy Collection, which we reviewed here. It seems like this Legacy Collection sparked the interest for more Mega Man so Capcom decided it was time to bring back more classic Mega Man games in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. Is it as good as the first one? Time to find out!

First, let’s state the obvious, if you like the first Collection, you’ll like this sequel for sure. This collection bundles Mega Man 7, 8, 9 and 10 in one nostalgic bundle. Since this is a collection, we’re not going to discuss the games separately, instead, we’ll talk about the innovations that this Collection brings with it.

MMLC2 - Mega Man 8

The thing about Mega Man games is, none of them are easy to master. If you haven’t played a Mega Man game before, be prepared for a challenge since they don’t make them like this anymore. In Mega Man, you’ll have to use a combination of precise platforming with shooter elements. The trick here is that you can only defeat certain enemies and bosses with the right weapon only. Figuring out which upgrade you’ll have to use during combat is crucial to survive. The original games were rather unforgiving and forced you to restart the entire level when you died, Capcom smoothened things down a little for new gamers, discovering Mega Man in 2017.

Just like the previous Lega Collection, this one allows autosaving during the levels. This means you won’t need to restart the entire level when you die since the levels offer enough save points where you’ll return after you failed a mission. Besides that, you also have the possibility to boost your gear so you can endure more damage. Of course, veteran players won’t use this option but it’s good to have it included in the game since, without it, it would be too unforgiving, forcing a lot of gamers to stop playing it.

MMLC2 - Mega Man 7

If you’re looking for a challenge, Capcom got you covered! The team included several challenges and remixes of original stages to give you the feeling you’re playing a new game. Most of the challenges are speed run records you’re challenged to defeat but it’s fun to have them nevertheless. With the addition of online leaderboards, competitive gamers will find what they’re looking for in the challenges mode of the bundle.

So, all in all, this bundle once again delivers for both the Mega Man veterans as the newcomers. The only thing of less quality is Mega Man 8. Unlike the other Mega Man games, this one misses out on some of the subtle gameplay elements that made the other games in the franchise this good. Mega Man 8 is very light on new ideas and seems to lose its way closer to the end. It’s the first one the released outside of the Nintendo family and fans are arguing that this change in hardware might have caused the lesser quality of this entry. That being said, it’s still great to have this many Mega Man games in one bundle if you know the original are rather expensive to get nowadays.



Being able to replay Mega Man games without having to buy the expensive originals is a great way to start your day. This Legacy Collection 2 offers more of the same but the Mega Man games included are fun to (re)discover. Mega Man 8 isn’t as good as the rest but don’t let this hold you back to check out the legendary gameplay of Mega Man.


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