Review: MXGP3

The MXGP franchise isn’t exactly going strong. The last two games were average games but that didn’t stop developer Milestone from developing the third one in the franchise. This one is supposed to look better, play better and be better than the last two games combined. Is this one worth the shot? Or should you simply ignore its existence? Time to find out in our review!

The improvements

First things first, Milestone did improve the graphics of this third installment. The game runs on the powerful Unreal Engine 4 but the developers still are figuring out how to make everything look as good as possible. Don’t get me wrong, there’s progress since the bikes and circuits look a lot better than the ones we had before. Especially the addition of details in the bikes and circuits is most noticeable compared to the older games of the franchise.


Too bad the team still didn’t manage to create an overall good-looking game. The crowd looks like it’s made out of stone, there are still some textures loading in too slow and the weather isn’t realistic at all. As if this wasn’t disappointing enough already, the animation doesn’t make sense at all. Sure, while driving, everything looks just fine but the problems start when you crash. The way the driver bounces over the floor is just a little too unrealistic. It’s a shame since the game definitely is an upgrade compared to the other ones in the franchise but it still isn’t capable of delivering the same kind of quality on every aspect of the game.

Enough to discover

Let’s ignore the visual flaws for a moment and take a look at what the game has to offer. It’s good to see that Milestone went for quality and only selected a couple of modes you can play. The game offers the traditional  Championship and Grand Prix mode where you’ll have to compete to become number one on the circuit. If this feels a little too difficult, you can always enter the practice mode or set up a custom race where you decide the rules and difficulty of the AI. Those modes are fun to play and offer a lot of fun, especially when you’re racing against friends but the real challenge is the career mode.


Like a lot of other racing games, MXGP 3 has its own career mode where you’ll start at the bottom to reach the top. You get sponsored rather quickly and your main goal is to continue winning races. The more races you win, the more experience you gain. This experience can be traded for better stats like being able to drive better while it’s raining. Winning also earns you some money which you can use for new gear or new bikes. The career mode feels rather light and simply isn’t more than just winning race after race while reading some dialogue between the races. Compared to other racing games, this career mode is a bit too light but it’s still fun to play nevertheless.

Control the driver

Probably the best innovation found in the game is how you control it. Unlike other motocross games, MXGP 3 enables you to control both the back and its driver using the two analog sticks. It’s something to get used to while playing it for the first time, but once you understand the physics of your driver and how leaning back can result in a higher jump and better momentum, you wouldn’t want to play it any other way. The controls are tight and Milestone really succeed in creating an officially licensed motocross game with realistic controls. There are some assists you can turn on but to be honest, those only ruin the experience.



Milestone did improve the graphics and created a new way to control your bike but it couldn’t rescue the game from being mediocre once more. If you’re a fan of motocross and want to race with all the official licenses, this is the one you need to play. If you’re just a fan of racing games, I’m sure there are a lot of better alternatives on the market for this one.




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