Indie Corner: Severed

Welcome to our review of Severed, a game on Switch that appeared out of nowhere!

Yes, you read that right, this game had no prior notice and just appeared one day on the Switch eShop. Is that a bad thing? Oh no, it most definitely is no bad thing as it brings a new genre to the console. Severed is a slashing handheld only game, second handheld only game after Voez which we also reviewed!


This game is one of those critically acclaimed games that was previously available on several other platforms, originally on PS Vita and had iterations on several other Nintendo consoles. Both the trippy graphics and the hack and slash approach are what sets this game apart.


You start off as Sasha, a warrior with only 1 arm, wielding a magical sword and you are on a quest to save your family in this weird and trippy, almost nightmarish world. Slaying enemies along the way, each with their own way of attacking, as you proceed into the story, you get multiple enemies at multiple directions. Let us not forget, this is a touch only game, so you use your finger to slash the enemies, reminiscing of that IOS game called fruit ninja, but just so much better!


Really nothing beats slashing through an enemy with long or short slashes, but what makes it a bit more complicated, the enemies obviously attack too, but the way you beat them, it brings you a great fortune, whether as parts for upgrades or improved health. I loved this part, it is not just mindlessly attacking, no no, there is a preset way to get the most out of your fights with enemies.


The world you are in, by itself is one of the better parts of the world, as you are in a puzzle style world, where you also need to perform basic RPG tasks like finding keys to open amazing monster doors, the graphics on those were just awesome. You need to find food to recover your health, solve basic puzzles, … The game is quite complete in that aspect.


The bad part about the game, it is handheld only and well, it took me a while to really find a comfortable position to play it for more than 5 minutes at a time, this was something that I did not encounter while playing Voez, for that game I could just lay down my Switch and play, but the hack and slash aspect on Severed is more energetic, forcing you to really hold onto the Switch instead of just “chilling” away.

Did this prevent me from enjoying the game? No, it did not, but my honest feeling is that it somehow limits my fun.


In conclusion, this game is really something new for Nintendo Switch and I honestly think most gamers will enjoy it very much. In my personal experience, I felt like it got off to a slow start, but once I really got a while into the game, it became much more intriguing and entertaining.


When I starting pondering on how to rate the game, I wanted to include the comfortability and my rating ended up being 70%, the comfortability while playing cost this great game 10%….