Indie Corner: Slime-san

Welcome to our review of Slime-san, the newest Indie title on Nintendo Switch.

Slime-san was minding his own business when suddenly a giant worm popped up and bam, Slime-san was swallowed, this game is the story of Slime-san sliming, jumping and sliding its’ way out of the worm before the stomach acids catch up to him and he is forever lost inside the worm.


Welcome to the game called Slime-san. A game consisting of short but sometimes painfully difficult levels, but nevertheless, this is a fun game to play. It takes a while to get used to the controls and although I personally think the button mapping could be better, it felt unnatural at times, but that was probably just me.


So let us talk about those levels, as you play the first levels, you are sliding through the tutorial and it tells you all about what you need to do, cross the neon-clad level and reach the goal, the most basic of premises holds true. Jump over obstacles, slide through places, jump over gaps, push blocks off of cliffs, …. all in order to reach the goal! This all sounds very easy, but it is not. When you die, whether by the stomach acid that will devour you when you waste too much time or when you fall down cliffs or touch a red part, which will instantly kill you, you restart the level completely, but like I mentioned before, the levels are short so this is not something I would consider a problem.


You can also dash through certain obstacles or slide through a green obstacle, while the red ones will kill you. Add in the need to jump and fast dashing forward, you got one heck of a game with a crazy gameplay. The unpredictability at times of how Slime-san reacts in the beginning, was more off setting than actually nice, despite getting used to this, it is unusual at the beginning, especially when combining two skills.


When I consider how hard it can be at times, I do not know whether to sing this games’ praise or tell you not to buy it.


Despite personally really appreciating this game, I honestly can not say this game is for everyone out there, it is without a doubt a great game to have on the Nintendo Switch, but I just can not shake the feeling this game feels an unbalanced. Within the first few levels, there is already one that is actually quite hard, where you need to combine 2 of your skills and well, it took me a while to get the timing just right and I ended up killing myself numerous times before figuring out how to do it.


Another thing that baffled me a little, the very next level was easy, just really easy. Maybe it is just me, but it bugged me.

That feeling you get when you finally get to pass a level… Really good feeling.


In conclusion, as my review must have already made it clear, I am torn between loving and hating this game and I am unsure how to really rate this game. If I consider the difficulty you face at times, I would say it rates at 4 out of 10, my affection for hard games is rare. If I consider how much fun I sometimes have, I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

My rating is just the middle of both together and will stand at 7 out of 10, I did round up because the high you feel when you finally pass a more difficult level, that is the real reason why I keep playing!