Indie Corner: Chicken Wiggle

Welcome to our review of a game that brings old skool platforming to the Nintendo 3DS, welcome to Chicken Wiggle.

From the studio behind great games such as Mutant Mudds, Xeodrifters and several other great indie games, Atooi now brings us the platformer called Chicken Wiggle.


Chicken Wiggle is all about a chicken and a worm teaming up to help free their friends from the evil witch that hides up in her tower. Wiggle your way through 48 levels of fun, devious traps and gadgets to help you clear levels.

With the worm on the back of our main hero, you can use their combined power to jump over traps, use the worm as a grappling hook, get gadgets that make you fly and more.


This game is fun and a great addition to the amazing library of the 3DS, which is filled with tons of amazing games, Chicken wiggle is one of them.

What I really liked about this game is the fact that you get that retro feel like you had back on the SNES, but with many modern features, such as online level sharing and more.

Let us talk about the main story some more, each level is made so that you do not spend a ton of time just trying to cross that one gap or reach that one point, no, the levels are well made and can really pack a punch. The game is not easy, but it’s not like you get the feeling that you are playing a roguelike or an incredibly difficult game either.

While I did have a few levels where I did think it was getting harder and harder, keeping your head cool always helps, taking a small break and picking it back up afterward, it works like a charm!


Now, let us talk the Create and Share aspects! Like many modern platformers, like Mario Maker, … this game also has a level creator and you get to share your hellish creation with others! The Share part is where you can play other creators’ levels. Divided into a few handy categories, like Atooi favorites, most and also least played levels, …

I like the official Atooi levels a lot and I will be spending quite a bit of time trying to finish all of them in the near future.


In conclusion, Chicken Wiggle is so much fun, the main story is rather short, with mere 48 levels, but let us be honest, games like these, you play for the editor and the shared levels, this is where the longevity of the title comes into play. With games like these, you are set for a very long time.

At the time of starting the game, I thought this game would be a great fit for the Nintendo Switch as well, which was announced earlier today (when writing the final review). Apparently, the sales of this game on 3DS were very low and while I do not think the 3DS is at the end of its’ life, games like this do keep a console very much alive.

I could continue to sing praise to this fun game, but I prefer to head back into the online mode and play some more levels, my rating is a cool 90%!

This game is worth buying and I will surely get it on Switch as soon as it pops up on the eShop.