Indie Corner: Double Dragon IV (Switch)

Welcome to our review of the fourth installment of the Double Dragon franchise! We played it on Nintendo Switch!

I grew up playing the original games on NES, jumping, kicking, punching away at the simplistic enemies. The nostalgic feelings I still have up till today, yeah, I loved these games. Not so long ago, prior to the release of the Switch, I actually pondered wether or not to buy this game on the PlayStation 4.


Instead, I booted up my Game Boy Micro, inserted the Game Boy Advance Double Dragon game and I went in fighting my way to the end, I loved the old skool feeling of being able to play a classic beat’m up.


Fast forward to today, where we now have the game available on Nintendo Switch through the eShop. I bought the game hoping to find a new beat’m up experience, but alas, I was disappointed.

The game feels like it should have been released back in the nineties instead of last week. The controls feel sluggish and should be remapped, a feature that is luckily available. No, I did not like this game at all.


The entire experience felt so old to the touch and while some may prefer this, I did not. I mean seriously, the genre has advanced and produced a lot better beat’m ups than this in the past 20 odd years now.

When you decide to make a successor to an old game, do you really just take everything from the old one, make new levels, invent a small storyline and just run with it? Why not expand the story, get some cutscenes in there, you know, make it better?


When you are in the game, punching away at the generically feeling enemies, you are hit hard by the lack of “current 8bit” game-feeling. Seriously, a lot of current studios make better beat’m ups than this attempt. While nostalgia plays a big part, I just could not look past the feeling this game should have been released 20+ years ago instead of now.

While the game is fun at first, you are faced with numerous familiar looking enemies with very generic skill sets, it takes you about 5 seconds to figure out how to beat most enemies. This game just does not feel fresh at all…


In conclusion, while I am disappointed in the lack of renewing the core of the game in this game series, this game just did not feel like something that should have come with new features or better graphics. I know this sounds harsh, but the game felt like a joyless attempt at nostalgia.

My rating for this game is at a generous 30%, it just is not what a game can bring to the table and just felt like a bland rip off of the other games in the franchise. I doubt anyone but the lovers of the franchise can really enjoy this game.