Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our review of the first Dragon Ball game on the Nintendo Switch, Xenoverse 2.

We all know the Dragon Ball manga and its massive universe, the great anime series, the successors, … This game is all about the main storyline of Dragon Ball, though originally a game that has been around for quite a while, it now brings the adventures of Goku to the Nintendo Switch!


We start off by watching the opening animation where we are invited to become a time patroller, a video of this is available on our YouTube channel, so be sure to check this out if you have not already.

Once we get into the game, the variety of personalization settings and the vast size of the gaming hub world is made clear from the start. At first, you need to walk everywhere until you can get your license to fly around town.


I created a human time patroller, had some very nice changes to my character and off I went, on my way to find the Elder Kai, so I could start saving history from the evil changes that were being made to it.


The game is clearly blending RPG elements into the fray as you are being led around town in true RPG fashion, with the element of battling for progression in the main story line. Whether it is beating Vegeta who just transformed into a giant Ape or battling one of the many others, the fighting system is typical to your average Dragon Ball game, not perfect, but not bad either.


Much like the majority of fighting games, it is important to do the tutorial as it will teach you all the special moves, like performing that Kamehameha or Galick Gun. I originally went into a mission before passing the tutorial and well, all I did, were kicks and punches and basic attacks. It was boring and it changed for the better after doing the tutorial. The tutorial itself is very lengthy though and can feel boring though…


Considering this is a port of an older game, my worries were about how it withstood the test of time and well, it is being released at the same time as Pokkén Tournament DX, making it 2 great additions to the ever expanding library of the Nintendo Switch. The big question is if it will hold up against the power of fighting as Pikachu vs Charizard…


While this game will most definitely not disappoint the fans out there, the cold, hard truth, this is an old game getting ported to our beloved Nintendo Switch and well let us be honest, we all want Fighter Z on Switch. The new game is what we all want, not the old game, right? Well, I do think that if you like fighting games, this game might be a great fit, but mostly for the fans of the series.

Aside from the main story line, it is clear there is so much more to do, from getting missions to casual fights against fellow time patrollers. But that is not all, there is also a big online part of the game, but I will leave that to you, the gamer, to find out about those!


In conclusion, the new game in the legacy series of Akira Toriyama is an older game, an older game that is very big in content, so that does somehow make up for it. I wonder though how it will fare when pitted against Pokkén, but that is food for thought when we get to Pokkén!

I did enjoy the game, it was visually stunning and the port did perform above my expectations, we got a video of the initial gameplay out on youtube as well, so go to our MyGamingBoulevard channel to check it out!

For the rating, I will give this game a 70% rating.