Indie Corner: Smile Basic (3DS)

We just had a long relaxing Summer break where we enjoyed our vacation, the weather and probably lots of videogames. But now September has come and we all have to go back to school. Doing math, improve you French, learn lots of new things that apparently would later help you to get a job. The biggest problem with school is that most of the courses you get are not really your cup of tea so by the end of the month you are already looking forward until the next vacation and hoping there was some kind of game that they would teach at school.

 Well, what if I told you that there is something that would possibly be something they could teach children at school….


Ok, to be honest it is not really a game although you will probably need to game in the process and its on a 3DS so it gets pretty close. Smile Basic is a simplistic but diverse gaming development program. Where developing your own game gets pretty accessible when you are willing to put the time and effort into it. Smile Basic is not like Mario maker, where you just make the levels with the tools that are available and the game makes it for you, when making your game here, you really need to write code. This is pretty cool because this means you can basically do whatever you want but it comes what a big downside. You need to write code! And this is pretty hard when you have no experience with programming/game development. I bet there will be people with coding experience who pick this up in seconds but if you are a coding noob you need to start from the beginning.



There is no in-game guide that learns you to code, but there is a readable guide with examples to make your first steps into coding. But I think that if you have never coded you have to invest a lot of time into learning the basics of Smile Basics until you can make your first very basic game. So you need to have coding skills or be willing enough to learn it to actually be able to use this game. If this is not the case for you I would definitely recommend sticking with Mario Maker or RPG maker if you just want to mess around with making your own game.

I was pretty excited to test this game out but I did not have the will to learn everything that it has to offer by reading guide after guide. I’m sure that  there will be people who create amazing things with this game. But for newcomers to this game some side wheels to learn to program would have been nice.

Rating this game would not have been fair because with my limited coding skills I have barely touched the serves of this game but I believe it has great potential.

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