Overwatch Boulevard #11 (Junkers episode)

Overwatch these days have been dominated by the Junkers. I absolutely love it. It was one of the only factions of which we knew nothing about. But now with an animated short, a new comic and a map to boot, we are a bit more satisfied.


The short explained us that our two Junkers Junkrat and Roadhog had bad blood with the other Junkers. In the comic we get more insight in how these two ended up together.

In the beginning we see three people who I assume are Junkers as well. They are stealing from Roadhog’s deposits. One of the thieves implores the other ones to keep quite in order to not wake “the Hog”. I do like the sayings being used. Of course “the Hog” wakes up and attacks the salvage hunters.

One of the salvage hunters has a gun named ‘ol Ducky and attacks Roadhog. But like in many encounters with Roadhog in the game itself he ends up being hooked, allowing Roadhog to grab him by the neck.

The hunter implores Roadhog to let him go in exchange for gold and ‘ol Ducky. Roadhog decides to let them go claiming “the world deserves them”.  This gives me the first vibe of Roadhog being some kind of anti-hero. He saves or kills the people he thinks the world deserves. Knowing that in the Overwatch timeline the world has made a turn for the worse, he deems it necessary that the world deserves bad people.

He then proceeds to Junkertown to cash in the salvage. The guards at the port say Roadhog doesn’t have the Queens permission but proceed to let him in. Which I don’t really understand.

Junkertown looks like a steampunk Walhalla. It gives a Rockabilly/Punk/Metal vibe because you can see Punks walking around as well as Metalheads with battle jackets. Some have a pompadour hairstyle.

Roadhog is displeased with the situation claiming everyone fights over the ashes. The story of the Australian omnium is that citizens revolted and destroyed the factory, resulting in a nuclear explosion turning Australia (or at least the outback) into an irradiated wasteland.

He goes to a familiar face. We don’t know his name but we can see he is some kind of engineer.

Roadhog then proceeds to the bar where we get our first glimpse of Junkrat who is in trouble. Apparently he knew the location of a treasure which he failed to mention to the Queen. As we saw in the animated short Junkrat isn’t good at keeping secrets. He is harassed by a couple of Junkers.

One of the Junkers approaches Roadhog stating he knows him and the Queen doesn’t like him. Apparently Roadhog has done something to displease the Queen.

But then Roadhog proceeds to help Junkrat and starts beating the Junkers up.

Roadhog then starts making his terms with Junkrat. He wants 50% of the treasure Junkrat has located.

They then walk off together.

roadhog and junkrat


Now what about the Queen?

There is a poster in Junkertown where we can already see her face. I really do hope they make the Queen into a character. She looks amazing and I think she can be a Reinhardt like tank because she is wielding some kind of melee weapon. Also next to her throne we can see two melee weapons. A spear and some kind of long cleaver.  But I hope there is going to be a new Junker character anyway. She looks BAD ASS.

junker queen

An interesting theory is that she will be released om March 20th. In the Junkertown map (right by the entrance) we can see a license plate that says L03-20. This is speculation but you never know. But an interesting detail is that Orisa was released March 21st this year.

There is also another interesting theory about the Junker Queen being transgender. I don’t remember if it was written for giggles or really a theory but it is interesting nonetheless.

There is this old picture of Overwatch. There are still two characters whom we don’t know. Some claim the squatting gentleman on the outer left is the Junker Queen before her transformation. There surely are some similarities and if it is true then I think it is amazing that Overwatch tries to give every “minority” some character whom they can identify with.

the guy on the left surely has a similar grin
the guy on the left surely has a similar grin


I still need some help guys. I am curious how you guys like it and how you use it. I do think it is more important to focus on which hero counters who. But let me know in the comments what you think or mail me at 2StijnS2@gmail.com





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