Preview: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns has been released in the rest of the world but soon, Europe will finally get it on their Nintendo 3DS systems. It takes you back to an era of gaming where complex tasks weren’t necessary to complete a goal or to have fun. Trio of Towns is all about running your own farm while dealing with your daily chores. Sounds boring? Our first hours with the game already proved the opposite!

Let’s show our father that we can be successful!

Just like any Story of Seasons game, it starts with an introduction. If you’ve played games in the franchise before, you know what you’ll get here. First, you’ll create your new character (girl or boy), pick the facial expression, colors of eyes and hair and you’re ready to go. What follows is a rather long dialogue where you simply can’t move and are forced to see the plot of this game unfolding. Nothing special, long story short, your dad doesn’t believe in you, wants you to run a business and secretly hopes you’ll fail to become a farmer. Well, you don’t need more motivation than just that! Off you go, to your very first farm (or actually the farm of your uncle).


Farming is the key element of this game and the story is just here as a distraction. Other Story of Seasons games had a better story but this one keeps it light, bringing the actual gameplay closer to the Harvest Moon era on Nintendo GameCube. It’s fun to see that the focus is on farming and you can even select the option to display the dialogues automatically so they won’t take that much of your time. I lost my interest in the story pretty quickly and was excited to finally start my life as a farmer.

Live the life of a farmer

That’s exactly what this game is all about, being a farmer. This means you’ll get out of bed to harvest the crops, visit your livestock and go to town to get new gear. The routine is the power of this game and so is the variation. We haven’t seen a lot of it during our first hours with the game but it’s already promising. The Trio of Towns title refers to the three different towns you can visit and start your own farm. All three look very different from each other (judging from the introduction video) and I simply can’t wait to see what they have to offer later on.


What I’ve seen and played this far reminded me of my favorite Harvest Moon game on GameCube. This one has the same routine but offers just enough variation to keep things interesting. For example, the weather really changes the way you’re spending your day. When it rains, there’s no need to water your crops and you can visit your lovely cows inside their cozy stable. Things like this break the routine and besides that, this entry seems to have a lot more variation than just that. Expanding your grounds, discovering new people and new shops in the new towns, it all sounds very interesting and promising.

Early conclusion

This is another great entry in the franchise and I’m sure fans will absolutely adore it. It keeps the traditional formula but seems to add enough new elements to keep things interesting and it breaks the routine at the right moments. I can’t wait to discover the secrets that this game is still hiding from me. If you’ll excuse me know, there’s a farm waiting for me now!


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