Review: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

A lot has changed since the last time we saw a Marvel vs Capcom game. The biggest change being the tremendous success of recent Marvel movies and some shifting in the licenses to use our favorite heroes. When Infinite was first revealed, it got a lot of people by surprise, not a lot of the fans expected this to happen. Now, months later, the game is finally here and it’s real. Is this the one we’ve been waiting for or should it have been a dream forever? Time to find out in our review.

A disappointing start

Let’s start by saying that this game doesn’t really leave a good first impression behind. First of all, the roster of day one only features a small amount of totally new characters. Most part of the roster is taken from Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate without change. That’s right, the characters are ripped straight from their old game and dropped in this new version. The visual style, animations and moves are all just transferred without any tweaks.

A lot of fans won’t see the problem in this since other fighting games also have a cast of classic fighters, fighters who are being transferred over and over again. True, but just transferring them without really enhancing them for this new game is just lazy. Also, note that some of the favorite characters won’t be playable due to license problems (I’m looking at you X-men!). The roster of day one includes 30 playable characters but it’s a bit disappointing to be honest.The same can be said about the graphics. This game looks worse than Injustice 2 and even looks worse than the last Marvel vs Capcom game at some points. The menus, characters… I couldn’t shake the feeling that everything is a bit too outdated.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

I remember playing the closed beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ this weekend, a game that impressed me right from the start. Sadly, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite couldn’t do the same. Things changed, however, the moment I started actually playing the game.

Impressive gameplay

Never judge a book by its cover, a saying that’s so true for this one. Underneath the mediocre graphics and disappointing first roster hides a very impressive fighting game. Just like every Marvel vs Capcom game, this one comes with a new gimmick, shaking up the way you’re used to battle. The most important difference here is the so-called Active Switch.

Thanks to the Active Switch, you’ll no longer have to wait for a certain event to switch between your characters (you’re always playing as a team). Instead, you can use it and switch characters at any time in the battle. It’s a mechanism that results in new ways of fighting. You can, for example, call in the other character to confuse the opponent or to break his/her strategy. Fights are a lot less predictable now so you’ll really need to pay attention. Of course, the light and heavy attacks are still here, as well as the special super attacks and yes, you can still create combos even by calling in your other character. Talking about combos, it’s now possible to get out of them! Thanks to a Counter Switch, you’ll be able to switch your character for another one if you’re stuck in a combo. This comes at the cost of some of your resources and meter but it does allow you to escape a bind at the end of the ride. This is an important change that can really change the flow of the battle, it’s an extremely fun mechanism to discover.


Besides that, there’s a total of six Infinity Stones, all with the ability to shake things up. The Active Switch in combination with one of the Infinity Stones unlocks thousands of new ways to play this game. Of course, we won’t spoil the content of these Infinity Stones here since those are a lot of fun to discover yourselves.

Different modes

In order to give the gamers some worth for their money, the team added several modes to mess around with. Of course, story mode returns, colliding both worlds in an awesome way. In story mode, you’ll have to face Ultron Sigma, a combination of Marvel and Mega Man villains. He obtained two of the Infinity Stones and collided both worlds. This is just an excuse to put the two franchises together but, to be honest, it works. Seeing characters like Dante meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy simply has ‘awesome’ written all over it. This is the stuff fans want and it’s good that’s in the game once more. Don’t expect the most epic journey you’ll ever take, just expect a good adventure filled with your favorite heroes (if those don’t include X-Men).

Next to this story mode, you can also go nuts in arcade mode. If you’re looking for a place to test your skills and combos, this is the place where you can do it, outside of the splendid training mode, of course! Arcade mode uses the old but gold idea of a progress ladder. You advance after each fight and even have to face boss characters from time to time to truly test your skills. An easy but fun way to experiment with the characters currently on the roster!


Of course, battling real players is where the true fun can be found. The online mode works decently and hooking up with other players went without real problems. Capcom also included a Beginner’s League where new players can get used to the system with some help of automatic features, a smart move if you ask us!


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite had a rough start with mediocre visuals and a disappointing roster. These are things that can be fixed in a later update, of course. The gameplay itself is very solid and adds some fun new mechanics to mess around with. This feels like another Marvel vs Capcom game but offers enough variation to feel fresh. It’s not the best start possible for this game but I have a feeling the future might look a lot brighter for this one.


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