Review: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Let’s be clear about something. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy isn’t just a spin-off of the popular Uncharted franchise. It deserves its spot among the main games. Sure, Nathan Drake isn’t in it, but don’t let this hold you back. This is another gorgeous adventure where you’ll hunt down mysterious treasures while gunning down the ones who are in your way. No, Nathan Drake, it’s time for girls to rule the world!

Chloe takes the lead

So yes, there’s no Nathan Drake in this Uncharted game but to be honest, I never really missed him. Sure, his humor and badass decisions might be something you could miss but I like the change of protagonists. This time, you take control over the rebellious Chloe Frazer, a woman you might remember from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. She isn’t afraid to make her hands dirty and will do whatever it takes to reach her goal. It’s not a female version of Drake, Chloe really has her own personality which resulted in refreshing moments in course of events.


Strangely enough, Naughty Dog thought it was necessary to add another female lead to the game since you know feminism and such. The second main character is Nadine Ross, the mercenary you might recall from Uncharted 4. Combining both women is a rather strange decision to make since you’ll always control Chloe. Adding Nadine only leads to strange dialogues between the two ladies and some cover fire while you’re getting into trouble. It’s a shame the team didn’t invest more in Nadine, controlling her from time to time would make it easier to bond. Now, it just feels like the Chloe and her sidekick show, but that’s nothing to worry about. Chloe is strong enough to take the lead and to become your new favorite tomb raider.

A slow start

Getting into the actual story is rather difficult since the start of the game is slow. It starts off good with an impressive marketplace that’s just one of the best looking virtual environments I’ve seen during my gaming years. The marketplace serves as the tutorial where you’ll learn how to move and use your stealth to take down the enemies. Everything feels very much like a true Uncharted game, including an impressive escape sequence. Things change when you enter an open jungle environment shortly after your great escape from the city.


You’ll spend a lot of your time driving around in your jeep, discovering tombs and advancing in the jungle. This doesn’t really feel like an Uncharted game and in our opinion doesn’t really fit. Driving around in your jeep can be fun if you have a good map of the environment but the only ‘map’ you have is a rough sketch with a red arrow indicating where you are. Of course, Naughty Dog wants to give you the feeling that you’re on a real treasure hunt but in practice, it’s all a little too open. Uncharted isn’t an open world game at all and this segment just felt a little out of place, mainly because of this treasure hunting starts. Things get a lot better when you reach the fifth chapter.

A true Uncharted experience

After a couple of hours in the game, the story suddenly shifts from an open treasure hunt to a more linear adventure filled with mysterious objects to discover and aggressive enemies to defeat. From that moment on, you’re playing a true Uncharted game, including the impressive gameplay mechanisms we all came to love. The setting of this new adventure offers a new fresh breeze through the franchise and enables the developers to create some impressive looking tombs and puzzles. Uncharted isn’t just a third person shooter, it’s a third person adventure where you’ll need to race against to clock to call the mysterious artifacts yours. The Indian mythology is the perfect starting point for a mysterious adventure.


The more you play as Chloe, the more you’ll appreciate the way she is. She’s a real go-getter who won’t stop until she reaches her goal. To be honest, I didn’t miss Nathan Drake at all during this adventure and that’s perhaps the best compliment I can give this game. The Lost Legacy isn’t just a spin-off, in my opinion, it’s the complete Uncharted experience, including even a multiplayer mode. You’ll be able to finish it in around 10 hours but the first Uncharted games weren’t that much longer. To take away any of the doubts, this game could easily be released as a full priced game instead of this more budget-friendly price it has now.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy starts off rather slow but once it picks up the pace, it offers an unforgettable story. Chloe and the new setting offer enough familiar elements to carry the Uncharted name but both feel fresh enough to offer the needed variation. This isn’t a low budget Uncharted spin-off, it’s the real deal and it’s worth every second of your attention!


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