Indie Corner: The Bridge (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our review of the puzzle game called The Bridge!

The Bridge is a puzzle game, but it is far from anything you ever played before, it is hand drawn in a black and white lithograph style. Nintendo described the game as MC Escher meeting up with Isaac Newton and it is just that!

The entire game is gorgeously drawn, with that amazing Escher style of endless stairs or walking paths-feeling, I just loved it. Throughout the level, you are defying Isaac Newtons’ law of gravity and you try to get your man to the door.


This game is more than a puzzle game, exactly due to the MC Escher feel. You need to think out of the box, see which way to go and how to get there. The controls itself are easy, you can spin the world either clockwise or against it and you can walk left or right. It is pretty basic, but it works so well for this game.

In the game itself, as long as you stay within the confines of the world, you can not fall to your death or at least not that I managed to trigger. Then again, press and hold that B button and you rewind up to the point that you want, a very nice feature that can get you out of a pinch. It will also alleviate any fears of making a wrong move!


Manipulating gravity is just one of many ways to finish a level, sometimes it is all about proper manipulation of the world. Be patient and let the controls of the world do the work for you, like sliding a key your way. Like I said, this game is more than just a puzzle game.

As you progress in the game, levels get harder and it becomes a little more challenging, you encounter those large balls of death, … Adding to more mind provoking puzzles.


So what is bad about this game?

My only gripe about this game, this mind-boggling and gorgeous game, can feel slow to the touch. I would not mind if they edited the controls to add 2 more buttons to use, like how they use the shoulder buttons now to tilt the world, why not add the other shoulder buttons to tilt it more quickly. It would be a great addition to this game.


In conclusion, this game alleviates itself into an art form, but does forget about adding that one feature that would benefit gameplay, the speed to rotate the world. While it is visually stunning and just overall a crazy game, it does miss this feature.

When I thought about how to rate this game, I was struck with a big problem, is the missing feature important enough to warrant a lower score or should it not influence my rating. Originally I had 80% in mind for the game, being original and gorgeous. I am correcting it to 70% due to the lack of speed manipulating. I would, however, recommend checking it out as it may catch you off guard!