Review: FIFA 2018 for Nintendo Switch

Welcome to my review of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch!

Allow me to first say that yes, I love the majestic game called football (or soccer like part of the world seems to call it). I am a big fan of Standard de Liege, a Belgian team and if asked, I would say I am in team Ronaldo and not team Messi. I think Ronaldo is the more versatile striker and while Messi may be a more technical player or even skilled, I like the grinta displayed by Ronaldo just so much more. My last real FIFA encounter was on the Wii  U, I almost never play on a “Nontendo” console with the exception of the Dragon Quest games.


Now that we got that out of the way, let us start with the actual review. When you start the game for the first time, you are asked to pick your language and link an EA account to the game, while I did not like sharing my personal information, I guess I had to in order to start the game.

I started off by playing an introductory game, adapting to my (lack of) skills. In the end, my favorite team Standard de Liege beat RSC Anderlecht 1 to 0. It rated my skills as Amateur, which was somewhat of a relief, would not have wanted to be a beginner.


Enter the main menu, first off, for all beginning or returning players, I would recommend starting by learning the basics, it was very helpful to my skills and it made sure I didn’t end up launching every single attempt at goal into outer space. I actually liked how this was handled by EA, very intuitive and clearly explained.

Once I passed that part of the game, I moved onto career mode, I chose my favorite player from the Belgian league, Mpoku, to play. I was also given the choice to become a manager, but I wanted to be the player. Had my first game against Goztepe, actually enjoying playing FIFA. My big first gripe with this game did become clear at that time, with like a few exceptions, none of the players were really recognizable, being more “generic” than actually “my players”. It might sound silly, but this is a negative point in my book.


Career mode is joined by an Ultimate team as main modes of the game, Ultimate Team is where you basically build the best team possible. Draft players, transfer them, basically handle the game like a real manager. This is the part where you can buy packs of players by using physical money.

While much can be said about the game of football, I do feel the real-life game feels more fluid. I often had the feeling this game felt a little sluggish. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we got a modern FIFA game on Nintendo Switch, that added portability of our beloved console is a real bonus. Imagine playing a game on the bus or subway! It is now possible.


Bringing this game to Switch was a great decision of EA, deciding to drop the Ethan Hunt story mode (the journey) and not being able to play online… not so much. I can understand the limitations of a console causing changes, but really, two at once? I honestly do not know what to think of that.

When I invited a friend over, a guy that plays FIFA all the time, just to give his opinion, he mentioned a more refined gameplay, but he did agree with me that playing it on the go was the reason to buy this game! He is planning now to get a Switch just to play it on the go. We loved playing in tabletop mode and had lots of fun, well, I mainly lost but that was beside the point, the game did succeed in making us have fun!


In conclusion, this edition of FIFA has its ups and downs. Ranging from a great overall feeling to lacking features, important features even. So how does it even out?

I had a really hard time quoting this game, from what I heard, the two missing features are really big pieces in regards to the longevity of this game, so yeah, I do need to count those into the mix.

At the same time, this game is now portable, I will soon be taking another trip to Tokyo and I can just take out my Switch and play a game like this in the sky.


After long and considerable deliberation, I chose to give this game a 75% rating. The portability pushed it back up from my original intended 70% for the game itself, you can not deny the advantages of having a portable football game on your switch!