Preview: Fire Emblem Warriors

Welcome to our preview of one of the most anticipated entries in the Fire Emblem franchise, welcome to Fire Emblem Warriors!

This franchise is one of the most well-known RPG titles out there and it is often mentioned in the same breath as epic titles like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana and many others. Needless to say, this game is part of one of the most important franchises ever made.


Fire Emblem first appeared on the Family Computer in Japan back in 1990 and has had more than 10 main storyline games and some spin-offs to date. With the exception of Fire Emblem Heroes, which appeared on smartphones in February 2017, all games have been exclusively sold on Nintendo platforms. The last was Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on the Nintendo 3DS.

Fire Emblem Warriors, however, is not your everyday tactical Role Playing Game, no no, this is a Warriors game, the Musou genre! Musou games are among my favorite genres, together with RPGs, puzzle games and platformers. This game brings the famous characters of the Fire Emblem lore to a typical hack’n slash action game! I just love it when franchises get taken out of their comfort zone and a completely new thing is given a chance!


This is only the second time that a Nintendo franchise game has received the Musou treatment, after the Hyrule Warriors, the Legend of Zelda Musou game, which was overall well received. Fire Emblem Warriors itself was showcased briefly during the original Nintendo Switch presentation and is one of the “big Nintendo IP” to come to Switch in the first year. This game is being released a week prior to another highly anticipated Nintendo game, namely Super Mario Odyssey. A great time to be a Nintendo fan!

In this article, I will present you with a small sneak preview of what to expect in this game. In my full article later on, I will go into detail about so many more things that we need to talk about!


At release day, Nintendo is releasing both a regular physical version as well as a collector’s edition. Also planned are Chrom and Tiki amiibo, both scheduled for release on the same day. We would not be GamingBoulevard if we did not already have an unboxing video up on our YouTube channel! Do not forget to subscribe for all the amazing videos we make and share with our fans!

But let us talk about the story first, upon starting the game, it’s made clear that this game is visually stunning on the Nintendo Switch, the amazing graphics are really impressive for a game of this genre. Upon selecting which hero you will play as, I chose Lord Rowan myself, the prince of Aytolis. His twin sister Lianna is the alternative choice, both are incredibly beautiful characters!


After a small prologue, where you see our main heroes train their sword powers, the castle comes under attack where our heroes reside and they must escape with their mother, Queen Yelena, to avoid getting overrun by the enemies that seemingly appeared out of thin air. This is when the tutorial kicks into full gear, teaching you how to use the map, how to run a classical Musou tactic when moving around and so much more.


While escaping, you get separated from the Queen, but not until she was able to give you the Shield of Flames. Now it is up to you, playing as the hero Rowan or Lianna, to gather allies and save everyone from the darkness!
The allies you seek, will mostly come from other Fire Emblem games and are great nostalgic blasts from the past if you are familiar with the other games of the franchise. I personally loved getting help from Lucina among others!

But alas, I will keep more information about this for my complete review, so be sure to keep your eye on our site! We will also be publishing some very nice videos about the game on our YouTube channel, so if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe!