Indie Corner: Binaries

Binary code, 1 and 0… The essence of your computer’s life. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Binaries isn’t simple either, welcome to binary hell, broken controllers and the hardest puzzle action platformer you’ve ever played in your life!

"Yeah I had to go to the dev's website to get this level select screen, my wasn't so vast yet... THIS IS A HARD GAME!"
“Yeah I had to go to the dev’s website to get this level select screen, my wasn’t so vast yet… THIS IS A HARD GAME!”

Ant Workshop has done a great job on the aesthetics of the indie game Binaries. It’s sleek and simple yet colorful and vibrant! Immediately your eyes are drawn to the 2 colored dots on the screen; blue and orange. Two simple symmetrical blimps that will have you dismiss this game as an easy and short game your mom will love. But beware. You’ll soon find out that this game is not as easy as it sounds. You have to guide each dot to its respective goal through a maze of increasingly difficult pitfalls and puzzles to overcome.

"The first controller-wrecking level"
“The first controller-wrecking level”

The blue dot can survive a fall into orange spikes and vice versa but when gracing the touch of its own colored obstacles you will have to restart the level from scratch. Nothing special to restart an early level but when you’ve put sweat and tears into reaching half the level only to see one of your dots fall off a platform you will surely rage on these colored dots.

"It has a consciousness, KILL IT!"
“It has a consciousness, KILL IT!”

I found it hard to get even to 70% of the game as it contains over 100 levels and the difficulty already kicks in after level 10!
Now if you are the type of person to get satisfaction from the mental abuse you can switch things up and add the timed level mode where you will have to clear the level in as little time as possible! Get your appointment in the local mental asylum before you try this! You’ll thank me later!
Straight from the start, you are holding on to the guidance of blue and orange text that will explain you the mechanics in the beginning but will also help you maintain your sanity later on. Sometimes it’s pretty witty and makes fun of your progress.

"I will probably fail again?"
“I will probably fail again?”

Nintendo Switch has become a great platform for on the go and home gaming sessions and both modes were played without any stuttering or frame rate issues. Not that I expected any. Binaries is a simple concept, move the dots simultaneously through the level. But it can get pretty heated up later on! You can get from DEMONIC RAGE to BLISSFUL SATISFACTION in a fraction of a second… You can go from 0 to 1 in a fraction of a second…
That’s what Binaries is to me, what’s in a name right? With its difficulty increasing modes, replayability and a well packed 100 levels this indie can keep your puzzle-platform thirst at bay for quite some time!


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